#41 Breakfast with Aga – Father’s Day, Wyatt’s birthday and upcoming trip to Poland…

In the previous week…

…we had a Father’s Day! This year it was June 19. I thought I’d make a card for Nathan from April and so I did. I picked her up, put the card into her hand so that she gave it to her :D. Nate was touched. I’ll show you pictures but it looks better in a real life of course.


…we found out that Alicia is coming back from China on June 28 and this is the day when I’m leaving to Poland! Not cool. If I even could see her it’d be probably for a short moment. We don’t really know what time they arrive yet. Anyway, I need to start packing today or tomorrow because if I was going by myself I wouldn’t have any problem with leaving this for the last moment but I don’t want to do it having April. I’m going with one suitcase and I’ll be back with two because I still have some stuff to take with me.

…we went to Wyatt’s first birthday party! This year went by so fast, it’s hard to understand. The party was held on a playground by a lake 15 minutes away from our house. I’m really happy that the sun wasn’t shining like crazy that day because otherwise everyone would sweat to death.





…I was packing things to my car, the stroller was inside already, I just had to put April in and I had my wallet in my pocket but there wasn’t really enough room so I took it and put it on top of my car. I buckled my little one, got in and drove off. Yes, you know it already – the wallet stayed on the car. I realized when I got to Walgreens to pick up pictures and the card for Nathan because I had to pay for both. And I had a mini heart attack. I went back to the parking lot hoping that maybe it’s there somewhere on the ground but no, it wasn’t anywhere. I drove the same way and Jagoda was the one who saw it almost in the middle of the street! And there are three lanes out there, kind of busy too. I stopped, went there and fortunately nobody was coming so I picked it up. Unfortunately, my wallet is ruined but the most important thing is that I have all my documents.

Song of the week

Yes, I said I didn’t like Rihanna but I also said I liked a few of her songs ;). I totally forgot about this one but I heard it a few days ago at my class and I remembered everything… Several years ago I went to workshops with my favorite dancer (Anthony Kaye) and one of the routines was to this song. I really liked it and I have a sentiment.


To watch

Grey’s anatomy! Earlier you were the ones who recommended this show to me and now I’m doing it. I got really involved. I just started watching and I’m already in the middle of 3rd season. I really like their medical cases, humor, love stories. And almost every single episode made me cry or at least have tears in my eyes which means they know what they’re doing ;).


Nothing very interesting happened a year ago but if you feel like reading about random stuff, feel free!

Question, Knoxville, Monika’s visit, a motivation to action… All at once!


On the Internet

Ahh, fights, provocations, insulting, laughing at other, more fights… Not boring! But instead of talking about this I want to invite you to my Instagram :).

April’s first time on the swing and seems like I had more fun than she did! She was like, “meh, not impressed…” 😁

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Talk to you next time!