#40 Breakfast with Aga or maybe… “Aga cooks”?! Incident in Target and other…

During last week…

…I decided to eat healthier! I won’t stop eating junk food of course 😉 but in general I want to change my way of eating a little. Some time ago I asked on my facebook if you guys would be interested in recipes for meals I cook and the response was positive so I’ll put it all together. I have an idea how to do it! That’s why the main picture of this post shows beets that I love. So many different topics on this blog, huh? Everyone will find something for themselves!

…I went to Target to buy a few things. In line in front of me there was a woman and her two children – both boys, one was around 4-5 years old, the other one around 9. Their mother was soooo mad! And it’s not only that she was acting like this, it’s also that she looked mad. And she was giving them commands like “sit!”, “stand here!”, “don’t touch!”. The younger one was sitting inside the cart and when she was putting bottles of water on a tape he wanted to put them straight up. When he did it with one and she saw it she grabbed his hand and threw it away yelling “leave it!”. The older one wanted to buy a card for his father and so he put it in the cart and then she was like “I’m not paying for this!” so he took a few dollars out of his pocket, stood in line behind her but in front of me and she said “you SERIOUSLY want to buy it?!”. He put it away and I just saw tears coming into his eyes. I regret I didn’t buy this card to give it to him. This is an example of a parent who’s ruining her children’s mental health and is making the relationship between them really bad.

…I forgot to translate the previous post into English. Let me tell you, I stopped knowing what’s happening around me because of lack of sleep and so on and so I thought that I need to make to do lists every morning. Several things not to forget if I even have any plans. I heard that then there’s a bigger possibility that you actually will do what you planned than if you didn’t write it down. I don’t know, this is what I heard. And I still have three videos to put together and the worst thing is that each of them is older than a month. I hope I’ll do it as soon as possible because I want to show you two of them!

…I took April and went out to buy bananas. I came back home with a mango, strawberries, raspberries, zuchini, spinach  and some other stuff but… with no bananas! You can’t even imagine how annoyed I got.

…my phone broke and I almost cried because I didn’t put all the pictures and videos on my laptop and they’re gone now. I went to Verizone and told the guy that my phone didn’t fall or anything, it stopped working, just like that and never turned on again. He told me that this specific model had some error in it and a lot of people come with the same issue. LG doesn’t repair it if you don’t have an insurance (I obviously didn’t) and there’s no way to get data. Nate got pissed off and went there to talk to someone else, the guy who sold this phone to us less than a year ago. And since it’s still on warranty we’ll get a totally new one for free, made after the time when they made the ones with that problem. I hope! But now I know I need to do buckup more often.

Song of the week

This song is stuck in my head soooo much that I can’t think about anything else! I don’t know why, it just came and doesn’t want to go away.


To watch

I want to show you two videos of one of my favorite dancers. I think he’s really good in what he does and I can’t get my eyes of him :).



On the Internet

To be honest, I haven’t seen anything interesting enough to share recently. Just boring stuff or fights. And I don’t really have time to read much because April needs a lot of attention now.


A year ago I wrote a post that got some of you suspicious ;). But no, it wasn’t about pregnancy.

What’s new with me? Stuff from past two weeks? And a “seed of love” sown inside of me! 

Talk to you next time!