#36 Breakfast with Aga – Ashlee’s visit, Lemonade and ridiculous Nathan… Last week in a nutshell.

In the past week…

…I didn’t post anything on Thursday because I didn’t make it on time. Like I said on Facebook, I sat down to finish it but I ended up feeding April and I was too tired after that. Also, the thing about my sister is stuck in my mind so much that I can’t really focus on anything else. I’m scared and sad at the same time and I never was so worried before in my whole life. We have no idea how things will go but she seems to handle things just fine and I hope it’ll stay this way. When you’re reading this, she’s after her surgery already… And from one trip to Poland this year I’ll have two. Keep your fingers crossed for a successful treatment.

…Nate pissed me off! Normally I wouldn’t say anything here but I have to this time. He’s really a great husband and an awesome dad and I’ve never seen any other guy with such a great attitude toward children, other people and himself. That’s why it seems so ridiculous what he told me yesterday and he pissed me off so much that I yelled at him and it doesn’t really happen to me. I asked him to take April for the night and sleep with her so that I could sleep by myself and actually sleep for ONE NIGHT without waking up, then I’d be rested and I wouldn’t be like a zombie again the whole next day. And then he was completely serious and said: “what will I get out of it?”… You can think that there was no reason to get angry like that but my blood pressure jumped to like a 500 then! Fortunately, he ended up taking her and I slept by myself so I finally felt rested in the morning.

…Ashlee came from California to visit her parents and so we finally met. For those who don’t know – Ashlee was my massage therapist over a year ago, then she became my friend. She gave birth to her daughter and together with her boyfriend they moved to California which was pretty sad to me because I really liked her. So she came and it was great! You know, I’m not stuck at home and I take April for walks, I go shopping and all that but I sometimes feel lonely anyway. Because I talk to April non-stop but she won’t respond… I miss a human contact with someone in similar situation I’m in or someone older than Alicia’s 7 years old. That’s why I got so excited when Ashlee told me she was coming and it was great to go for a walk not by myself but with someone who I could talk to normally.

…Beyonce’s new cd arrived! I mean, I bought it and I got it on a premiere day, May 6. Imagine that I still haven’t had enough time to sit down, turn it on and listen the whole thing at once. She has some new dates during her tour and Atlanta is on the list again, in September. I might go this time, who knows.

…I got tanned sooo much! Not sunburned, but tanned. Even though I used a sunscreen with a filter 50 and I was always using 75 but I couldn’t find any with ingredients that would be fine for me. If I showed you a picture you would probably think I’m totally white but I do see a difference.

…one more little thing came to my mind: I don’t know what to do with my hair. I don’t want to have bangs right now because it’s too hot and my forehead gets sweaty which I hate. I’ll grow it for now and I might go back to it later or not… I’ll see. Also, I’ve been thinking about going back to loooong hair but a few days ago the thought about cutting it again came back to me. You might think I have silly problems lol But that’s fine, hair is a pretty important thing after all, right?

To watch

Michał Szpak’s performance on semi-final during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Did you watch? I didn’t watch it for years but this year I didn’t have anything better to do. So Michał got to finals and he was 8th but only because of people’s votes because if it was for jury then he’d be one before the last. Embarrassing. I think that this whole Eurovision was on higher lever before, now it’s too commercial and it’s all about political relationships between countries than if a song is good or not.


Song of the week

Oh my, I go back to old days a lot! The song below was released 12 years ago and I still listen to it. I need to tell you that I liked music back then more than now. But in general I’m pretty open and, as you could see, I listen to everything. OK, almost everything… You will never see here rap or metal ;).



A few days ago I started to work some more on several last posts about pregnancy and everything around it that are still waiting in line. I haven’t published them yet because I didn’t want to add everything at once. I decided to stretch it in time a little so expect going back to that subject soon.

Under the post where I answered your questions some people asked about some more things and the new questions were pretty interesting so I’ll respond to them in one of the next posts.

Exactly a year ago I added third and last part about active listening. I highly recommend those posts if you haven’t read them yet! And if you forgot about them, I invite you to read again :)). At the very beginning of the one below you’ll find links to two first parts.

Active listening – part 3 – alternatives to roadblocks.

On the Internet

I sucks with this part because even though I see a lot of things I’d like to share, I never remember to save them and then I can’t find anything anymore… So I’m adding a picture I posted on Instagram :).

I tried to catch her #smile in the picture 😂 #babygirl #7weeksold

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Talk to you next time!