#35 Breakfast with Aga – healthcare in Poland is a joke!

Last week…

…I forgot to tell you that April has been smiling for a while now but recently her smiles were more conscious and when she smiled to me after she saw me while waking up, I couldn’t pull myself together for the rest of the day :D. Now she smiles a lot and I love it. She sometimes starts laughing but with no sound yet and it’s super cute.

…because of one story my opinion about the healthcare in Poland is even worse than before. Several moths ago my sister started to have terrible pain in her stomach, at least she thought it was her stomach. The pain started to come more and more often so she changed her diet a little bit, stopped eating one thing, then something different, then another thing but nothing helped. She went to a doctor, then one more and one more… They gave her some easy to digest diet and gave her some other advice – nothing helped. She went to several doctors more. Why several? Because nobody cared to help and you need to have referrals to specialists. They told her to take ibuprofen or other painkillers and eat foods that are easy to digest. Pain didn’t go away and she started to feel pretty bad, she was weak, dizzy, etc. She went to one more doctor who told her to take a drug you take for period cramps. My sister told her that it was ridiculous and it wouldn’t help with anything and the doctor responded: “it helps everyone”. So my sister said she wanted to do some tests because it’s not normal that she felt such a terrible pain and she felt so bad at the same time and so the doctor then said: “what kind of tests do you want?” and then my sister got seriously annoyed and she asked: “who’s the doctor here?!”. She got a referral for basic blood work but it obviously didn’t show anything. Pain was getting worse and then she started having blood while defecating so her boyfriend took her to an emergency room and they finally met someone normal who sent her to colonoscopy and the result was clear: a large intestine cancer. Surgery in a week because they can’t wait and they don’t know when everything started. They’ll cut off a part of the intestine and they’ll take some samples to run tests and check if the cancer didn’t spread to other organs. If it did then she’ll have to have a minimum of 6-month long chemotherapy. And this dumb doctor wanted to give her a mild drug for period cramps!!! Not having an idea what was happening! So if something ever bothers you and you go to a doctor who seems not to care – don’t let them ignore you. Fight for yourself, go somewhere else, submit a complaint – anything! Because, as you can see, you might find out that things are more serious than you think.

…Nathan was gone for 4 days and I was a little stressed before he left because even though I thought I’d handle things, I didn’t really know how everything would go in details. It wasn’t that bad! I even didn’t have much of a problem with sleeping because April slept for 7-8 hours straight for 3 nights in a row which was incredible. You know how cool it is to sleep more than I slept last few weeks?! But still, if I could I’d sleep full 12 hours :D.

…I found out that Alicia is going to China with her mother after the end of this school year which means the end of may. They’re going there for 3-4 weeks, her mother didn’t know for how long for sure. It’s possible that when she’s back, I’ll be in Poland so in this case I won’t see her for 6 weeks. This is a long time :(. I’ll be back one day before Nathan’s birthday and two days before Alicia’s birthday.

To watch

If you like watching vlogs, I have one channel to recommend. I mean, I have more but this is my favorite. A 18-year-old mom and her 19-year-old boyfriend telling the story of their lives :). Their videos are pretty laid-back and not pretended, if someone cries then he cries, they don’t pretend that everything is fine all the time. It’s just their real life. I’m posting the newest video below but if you like it and you’ll watch more, I advice you to go back a little :).

Song of the week

I reeeaaaallllyyyy don’t like “Work” by Rihanna but I do like a song from Ciara and Missy Elliott with the same title! I’m showing you this one because it’s been on my mind lately :).


When I went to Briana’s baby shower a year ago I didn’t expect I’d have mine 8 months after that!

Baby shower, walking in Tyrone, irritating comments on the Internet… Previous week!

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