#34 Breakfast with Aga – Mary’s wedding and April’s nursery! + video

During last week…

…I had some weird problems with my memory! Seriously, I keep forgetting a lot. And it was so weird because, for example, yesterday I wanted to say something to Nathan so I started talking. I said a few words and, all of a sudden, I forgot the rest… I was so frustrated!

…I went to my obgyn for a postpartum checkup and he said that I can go back to everything I was doing before pregnancy! I’m going back to my pole class!

…I went through my last several posts and I realized that everything’s around April! OK, almost everything. It’s such a big change in my life that there’s no way it can be any different.

…me, Nathan and Alicia went to Mary’s wedding and April stayed with a babysitter for the first time. The wedding was in a southern climate which means a lot of nature and a barn ;). Very simple but with a good taste and I really liked decorations. I could have a wedding like that. The only thing that bothered me was the heat and almost no wind but this isn’t something that groom and bride could control. Mary and Steven – congratulations once again!!!













On the way back it was raining soooo much that we had to drive 20mph because we couldn’t see ANYTHING. It was much worse than in the picture. 



…I learned that Nate had to go on a trip from work for 4 days and let me tell you, I don’t like it much. So far I’ve been feeding April during the day and in the evening but Nate does it around 1am when she wakes up to eat and feeds her from the bottle (I pump). Also, April has some problems with pooping and she sometimes needs help with it which is usually done by Nathan as well and it sometimes takes a lot of time. Now I’m going to do all that by myself so after those 4 days I’ll look like a zombie :P. Oh well, I’ll handle this!

…I finally took pictures of April’s room and I know I promised that a looong time ago. I’m posting them below and some of them will have additional info. I wanted this room to be warm, cozy, simple and not too decorative. I didn’t want any specific theme or everything to be pink because kids grow, they change and so I preferred to have something that would be universal and won’t enforce anything. And we won’t have to change a nursery to a 6-year-old room to a 14-year-old room and so on. Nathan and his brother Alan painted the walls and I made a pattern. I’m proud of myself because I was very pregnant then so it was pretty tiring. I’m happy with the result, however it’s still not 100% done.


This is what you see when you enter the room.





This rabbit on the right side is great. We bought it in a hospital when I had my 3D/4D scan. The woman who did that also recorded April’s heartbeat and put it on a little device which is put inside of the rabbit so when you push on its chest, you’ll hear my baby’s heartbeat from the time when she was in my womb :).



Several books for the beginning. I’d like to get some more but I don’t have ideas yet. Any recommendations?



I got this teddy bear for my 22nd birthday from Nathan and Alicia. It was in our bedroom but now I moved it to April’s room. There will be a rocking chair in this corner later when April sleeps in her room. Now it’s in ours.



From my baby shower! Each person wrote a short message to April and I put them on the window.


Alicia painted the picture on the left and I painted the one on the right. I want to put them on the wall but I’m still waiting for Nathan to paint his…






In this frame on the left there will be my photos! 




To watch

I made a video from pictures I was taking during my pregnancy every single day. I personally like it a lot and Nathan likes it too so I hope you’ll think the same. However, before you click “play” I’d like to warn you that there are pictures with me in an underwear so if any of you think it’s too much but will watch it anyway, you’ll do it with a full awareness.


Song of the week

This song was veeeery popular a long, long time ago. It was 13 years ago! Any of you know/remember?



What was happening a year ago?

You’re tall so you should be more conservative because your legs look provocative and this is WRONG!

Talk to you next time!