#33 Breakfast with Aga – my life is a chaos! A positive one, of course. | April is a month old already!

During last week…

…we got back from our trip which wasn’t the easiest thing to leave that “heaven on earth”. Where did we go? First we went to Silver Falls in the state of Oregon (around 1,5-2h away from Portland) where we spent 5 and a half days and then we spent 3 more days in Maui which is the second biggest island in Hawaii. And this is the place that was hard to leave… It was me, Nathan and April because Alicia didn’t really want to go and she had school so she couldn’t really leave anyway. Why now and why Silver Falls? I’ll tell you about it for sure! I have photos to show you too 😉 (you can see one of them in the main picture of this post).

…it got very warm in here which means it’s around 30*C (86*F) and I like it a lot but at the same time I need to get used to it again. Sunscreen is my new best friend!

…I went out and Nate stayed with April at home for the first time since she was born. I mean, I went to Publix to buy something to eat so nothing special but still. It felt kind of weird, to be honest. I felt like it shouldn’t take me too much time and that I should go back home as soon as I could.

…I realized that I forgot to buy tickets for Beyonce concert in Atlanta for May 1st! I mean, I tried to buy them at the beginning but all of them sold out and how it always works is that some of them come back after a while. So I thought that I’d wait and check them out “soon” but then my mind was somewhere else and I forgot about it. And I need to tell you that even though I love Beyonce, I don’t feel like going there this time. Part of it is that I’m sleepy and with April all the time and also the fact that I went to two concerts so there’s no regret that I’d have if I didn’t see her earlier.

…I don’t have time for anything :O. Together with sleeping. Sometimes when April sleeps I think that I could take a nap but then I remember that I wanted to do this, this and that… And eventually I choose something different because I feel like sleeping is such a waste of time in this situation. And I still haven’t unpacked my hospital bag ;).

…I burned my roof of my mouth so much that it still hurts when I touch it with my tongue, not mentioning eating or brushing my teeth that hurts a lot :(. Any ways to make it heal faster or I just need to wait?

To watch

A classic! “Beverly Hills Cop“. Recently I watched all of it once again and I obviously laughed. And Eddy Murphy – masterpiece! I love him as an actor and his laugh is awesome. I highly recommend :).


Song of the week

Today I’m going back to Matt Pokora whom I’m faithful for 9 years now and it’ll probably stay like this till the end. The video you can see below is in French but there’s also an English version so if you prefer to listen to it in English, click HERE. I personally think that the French one is better.

M.Pokora – Mirage from KARIM OUARET French Director on Vimeo.


Like I said on Facebook, I’m working on a post in which I’ll answer some of your questions that keep coming back or the ones I wanted to talk about on my blog anyway. They’re about everything – starting with au pair ending on my private life – so if any of you have anything that you’d like to know, feel free to leave comments. This post will appear on my blog this Thursday.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to what happened a year ago…

What happened during last week… | Facebook!


April is a month old already!


Someone didn’t want to pose ;).

The time passes by very fast, huh? It’s amazing and I said it so many times that it just flies like crazy and nothing in this matter changed.

I’ll summarize last month focusing on me and I’ll talk about April another time.

Beware, in this part you might read something that might be a little TMI for you ;). I feel very well. I didn’t have any problems with healing and I’m very happy about it. You know that during my pregnancy I watched like thousands of videos on YouTube and most women were talking about their postpartum period with details which was great because I could hear how everything looks and learn everything from different people. So I was prepared for something extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable together with wearing adult diapers because of a heavy bleeding and this is really what some women have to do! Fortunately this didn’t happen to me and I went through everything pretty easily. My main problem was discomfort that I felt during first 2 weeks and in first 4-5 days it felt very weird to sit even though it wasn’t really pain. And even then I’m still careful and, for example, when I go for a walk with April, I’m still a little afraid to walk too much and I don’t really know why. I think I have some kind of a blockade in my head and I hope to get rid of it as soon as I can. Today I’m seeing my doctor for the first time after delivery and I’m curious what he’ll say.

Since I was showing you pictures of my growing belly (that I miss!) now I’ll show you pictures of my shrinking belly ;). If someone wonders how it feels right after giving birth, I’ll tell you from my experience… It’s a pretty weird feeling because suddenly most of what I had disappear just like that and I can’t put my hands on my belly anymore because there’s nothing there. This is one thing. The second one is that all of my internal organs have much more room again and they keep moving back to their normal positions and this is weird too because it felt to me as if I really felt them moving! Especially while walking because I didn’t feel it while sitting. During first 2-2 days it was hard for me to stay straight and in this case I don’t really know why. And my belly was like jelly. If I poked it with one finger a little bit on one side, it all shook lol In front of my belly there’s still a little more skin but it’ll go back to normal. On my hips there’s some more fat but it won’t stay either and even if it did, I wouldn’t care. And my tattoo looks totally normal so it went back with my skin pretty easily which I obviously expected to happen. Breastfeeding makes uterus tens and shrink so it’ll go back to its pre-pregnancy size faster. During first 2 weeks I felt this kind of a period pain that would come with some feedings. Now they come rather occasionally and usually only when April cries a lot.


In my case everything went down pretty fast what you can see in the pictures above. On my delivery date I was 76 kg (168 lbs) which means that I gained 10.8 kg (23.8 lbs) in total and 3.5 kg (7 lbs 12 oz) was April. The day after delivery I weighed 70 kg (154 lbs), one week after 66 kg (145 lbs) and today I’m 64 kg (142 lbs) so for now I weigh 12 kg (26 lbs) less than at the very end of my pregnancy. Well, it’s kind of strange because my breasts weigh more now and I still have some more stuff on my hips… So where did I lose so much?! Also, it’s less than before my pregnancy and I’m not too happy about that because I remember how I fought to gain some so I hope I won’t be skinnier anymore. But then I know that everything can happen because I see a decreasing tendency even though I eat as before and I didn’t go on any diet. Apparently breastfeeding makes women lose their weight. Ah, and of course lack of sleep and that stress I had during first several days worked here too! Yeh, everything is becoming clear.

I think that’s all for now. This post appeared here a little later than in the morning but what’s important is that it’s here, right?! Now I’m going to change my clothes, feed my little one and go to the doctor…

See you on Thursday!