#31 Breakfast with Aga – let me introduce you to someone!

Some of you know already and some try to guess so I’m officially telling you – my daughter was born on Friday March 25th (3 days before my due date) at 11:24AM. She weighs 3,5 kg (7 lbs 12 oz), is 50,8 cm (20 in) long, has a “big head”, long fingers, long feet, brown/blond hair and is tiny and cute in general. Totally healthy, she started to cry immediately and she started to look for breasts a few minutes after she was born :).

So let me introduce you our little happiness!

April Mariola Kirchner



We decided on this first name just because we like it a lot, it doesn’t have any deep meaning. Her middle name is my mother’s name and I wanted to do it since I remember so this is what happened.

This time I won’t write anything else. Of course, I’ll tell you more but first I need to put things together in my head so there will be a little chaos on my blog from now for some time :). I have over a dozen comments that I’ll respond to later today and also I have one post that I haven’t translated yet and I apologize for that.

Talk to you next time!