#29 Breakfast with Aga and another animation to recommend! | 38 weeks pregnant – I’m becoming impatient!

During last week…

…not much happened, to be honest. Past week passed very fast. I had several things to do and even though it was not that many, it was enough for me in my current state to get tired.

…on Friday me and Jagoda went to Cafe Sunflower which is a pretty cool vegan restaurant and where – in my opinion – they have great food and even better cakes! While sitting there, I received a text from Nathan who asked where I was so I told him and I asked why and he said he came home earlier to celebrate my birthday. And I was like, ohhhhh, I didn’t expect! It was soooo cool :))) He had to wait for me for an hour so he cleaned the house a little bit :D. By the way, I have no idea what was happening in Atlanta that day but there was like million cars everywhere and it seemed to me like I was moving like a turtle. Driving one way took me 42 which is a little more than usual because there was an accident on the way, of course. Driving back took more than an hour…

…Alicia’s mother came back from China so they spent last weekend together. Me and Nathan went to a new place for a walk and I couldn’t walk as much as a week ago. We went to Ikea too and not only that people annoyed me because they were walking as if they were the only ones there and they would just leave their cart in the middle and go away… But also, Ikea didn’t have what I wanted and I didn’t think to check earlier online and so we left with nothing, I mean we left with my nerves being on a higher level :P. And there was this woman with her husband, they were walking in front of us when we were leaving but not very close, the distance was normal I’d say, speed too. This woman turned around to us and then she grabbed her husband on his arm and said: “be careful because you’re blocking her way, go away a little!!” and her tone sounded like she was about to shoot him in a moment. He turned around, started to apologize and she pushed him aside a little. I was watching this not really knowing what was happening because I did hear her tone but I didn’t catch words, Nathan told me a little bit after that. But you know what? Nobody blocked me any way, they were walking forward, we to the left and we weren’t even that close to each other… Weird woman, I feel sorry for this guy.

To watch

We went to the movies to see “Zootopia”. Some time ago Alicia and I saw previews and we thought it’d be cool to watch this and we took Nathan with us. It’s a pretty cool animation! I liked it, I didn’t laugh non-stop but there were moments that made me laugh – especially the scene with sloths. In general I was interested because this time Disney gave us something different than before. It wasn’t another extremely sweet love story with a moving and “instructive” moments but something different. I don’t want to say too much in case some of you would like to go and see it. The last thing I’ll say is that some of the scenes scare children so I wouldn’t take the ones who are like 3 years old, unless they’re not afraid of anything :).

Song of the week

I know that a looong time ago I posted this song here but lately I heard it somewhere in some shop and it’s in my head again. I like it a lot so go ahead and listen!


What happened two years ago?

A word about comments and a few words about my past several days.

And two years ago, right before my birthday, Alicia said: “Aga, if you’re here on your birthday it’ll mean that you’ll stay here forever!”

On the Internet

I’m a member of a Facebook group called “what Polish vegans eat” where people share pictures of their meals or of what they buy. Lately one of the members added a pic of… vegan eggs. If you’re curious what I’m talking about, go ahead and check it out HERE. On that website you also have some information (all in English) about production of real eggs. On THIS page you can read more about these fake eggs’ ingredients and hints where to buy them. I’m saying that because I just added two posts about veganism (part 1 / part 2) but then I didn’t know about them existing so it’s kind of an update. I need to tell you that I obviously knew there’s pretty much everything in vegan versions but eggs?! I was shocked :D. Although I suppose it’s a form of a powder anyway. I’ll let you know when I buy and try it!


38 weeks pregnant

Baby: it’s hard to say now how much she weights – differences can be big since each baby grows in their own speed now (for example, when I was born I was 4.5 kg [10 lbs] and 62 cm [24 in]). In general, she’s ready to live outside of my womb on her own and now the only thing that’s left is waiting for when she wants to come out. The amount of amniotic fluid keeps decreasing and since she’s still gaining weight, she has less room to move. Her nails are still growing but they stay soft and they’ll get hard some time after she’s born.

How I feel? Things don’t really change anymore. I do feel tired and not only physically but also mentally but other than that it’s not bad.

Weight? Right now I’m 74.84 kg (165 lbs) which is 0.81 kg (1.8 lbs) more than a week ago. I’m curious if it’s her or me accumulating some fat :D.

Eating? My appetite was and still is on a normal level. I don’t feel hungry all the time and I don’t crave anything which is cool.

Belly bump? I don’t think it’s growing anymore… But it’s lower and I feel that. Now it’s even more difficult for me to put my socks or shoes on, or get in- or outside the car. It’s very hard to bend over to take anything and when I want to give Alicia a goodnight kiss then either she needs to get up or I need to sit down on the floor first and then lean over to reach her. My baby girl is going lower and I feel her pushing on everything with her head kicking me in my ribs at the same time… which isn’t very comfortable. But in general I like my belly and the fact that I can feel her inside :).

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? Of course I still wake up at night to go to bathroom but some time ago I stopped drinking like stupid before bed so I don’t wake up every two hours but less frequently. I sleep a little better and longer if nobody/nothing wakes me up.

Mood swings? I’m scared about the fact that I don’t know what to expect during following days! She can be born in two weeks or tomorrow. I don’t like living not knowing things.

Other symptoms? I feel… heavy. I’m not swollen or anything but I do feel like a whale that walks like a duck :D. Well, yesterday my hands got so swollen that they hurt but it went away after a while. I’ve been having contractions for a while now but I can’t feel most of them. Lately I did feel some which is new. They don’t hurt but they’re not very comfortable either.

Anything else worth writing down? Today I’ll give you some more information with more details ;). I’ve been going for walks for some time now. What for? To help my daughter drop lower and to help my cervix start opening more. I saw my doctor again and we talked a little bit about my due date and so on. My hospital doesn’t let women to be pregnant more than 41 weeks which is not longer than a week after her due date. I know there are other hospitals with the same rule and there are ones that allow pregnancies to go as long as two weeks overdue. But anyways. Today my 39th week started. My doctor told me that my baby is in a great position, my cervix and everything are soft and so that’s good too. Since I want to deliver naturally, I want to avoid inducing with pitocin as much as I can. If I get to the visit not this but next week, I’ll have to schedule an induction date on March 28 (my due date) the earliest or April 4 the latest. I can pick the day and time I want and I can ask for a doctor I want too. But, like I said, I prefer to avoid this. So the doctor told me I can start doing things that might help bring contractions which then would open my cervix. Last time my dilation was 1 cm still and the plan is to do membrane sweep on my next visit (Wednesday) but I need to be at least 2 cm in order for this to work. If you don’t know what it is – a doctor or a midwife put their finger inside the opening of cervix, then gently bur firmly move their finger around. This is supposed to separate membrane of the sac that separates the baby from cervix. This releases a hormone called prostaglandin which might trigger the labor. Might and works often but not always so you never know. I’ll try it anyway and we’ll see what happens. I’m curious how everything looks now and what I’ll learn on Wednesday…

Talk to you next time!