#28 Breakfast with Aga and the past week. | 37 weeks pregnant – when will it all end!?

During the past week…

…me and Jagoda went to the movie theater to watch “How to be single” and I need to tell you that we both liked it a lot! This is a cool movie to just relax for a while. As far as I know, they don’t play it in the theaters anymore but, you know… there’s always the Internet. I personally like Rebel Wilson a lot because this woman always makes me laugh and not only in movies but also in interviews and others. And I even had some tears in my eyes twice. The only thing I didn’t really like was Dakota Johnson playing there too, she was a main character in “50 Shades of Grey” who’s just perfect of one face and she just doesn’t fit there at all, in my opinion.

…I took Alicia to some shopping because most of her clothes got too short. We went to never-disappointing Target, went inside, I told her “choose whatever” and she knew what to do :D.

…I noticed over a week ago that some trees are blooming which is a great time here in Georgia and I can’t wait for the rest to bloom. I just thought now that I didn’t wear my fall boots at all, together with the ones I bought especially for January/February. And it’s not because I didn’t want to but because it was always too warm. Well… I need to wait for the next winter or a trip to some cold place.

…me and Nathan spent a weekend together by ourselves. I really cared because I realized that if not now then when? What if this was the last weekend we could be together for a looooong time? You know what I mean. So we talked a lot and we went to two places where we walked a lot and everything was cool :). One of these places is very close to us (Palmetto) and I’m very happy we found it because I’ll surely want to go back there soon when everything is blooming and trees are colorful. It’ll be beautiful!



…lately I’ve been a little late with my blog! I do know that. I thought I’d spend some time this week on writing a few posts for later… just in case.

To watch

I made my second video! This time I’m answering questions about English language and au pair program as there’s a lot of them everywhere. If you’re Polish but you’re reading this language version, go ahead and watch my video! If you don’t speak Polish then I’m sorry but this time I didn’t put any subtitles.


Song of the week

Redfoo and his new song. Not my favorite and I know that a lot of you won’t like it but I do :). And I wanted to say that Foo will be in Poland (Lublin) in May (and it’s a free concert!) and I just facepalmed when I thought that when I lived in Poland, me, Marta and Magda had to go to Ukraine and Slovakia to see his concerts and now when I live in the States, he hasn’t gotten to Georgia yet, but he’s going to Poland… Damn it!

Btw, this music video is made in 360 degrees which is pretty cool :).




What happened a year ago?

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On the Internet

You know how everything works with Facebook? If you’re there, there’s not a chance that you’ll miss anything even when you don’t watch news. You’re still up to date with stuff. Since Oscars passed and everyone seems to forget about this craziness with Leo, now in Poland the subject number one is Michal Szpak as a representative on the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t care who or if anyone at all will go from Poland or not. I did watch Eurovision years ago and I did like it back then but now music seems to be much less important then it should be and I don’t want to waste my time on it. Too bad that right now most people go like “well, it was a good song but we don’t like this country so we can’t vote for it!”… I won’t have to watch it either to know who won :D. Anyway, I wish him good luck! It’d be cool if he got to the finals.


37 weeks pregnant


Baby: when this week ends (mine ended today), baby is fully developed and pregnancies from the first day of 38th week are full term and babies aren’t premature anymore. My little one goes to my pelvis more and more. A mother’s body and a baby are preparing for a delivery and it can happen any time now! She’s still moving a lot with a lot of strength but her movements are much slower than before.

How I feel? I don’t have any bigger problems if it comes to the way I feel. I’m just tired and my belly is heavy, my baby is pushing on everything that’s around and inside my pelvis which is often painful, sometimes very painful.

Weight? 163.2 lbs (74.03 kg) which is 2.2 lbs (1 kg) more than two weeks ago and 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) less than a week ago which gives me 8.7 kg (19.2 lbs) more than at the very beginning of my pregnancy. My doctor told me that now it doesn’t really make any difference if I keep gaining weight or now. I can even loose some before labor because the amount of amniotic fluid is decreasing.

Food? Nothing changed which means that everything is fine. I don’t crave anything. I eat less than before but since my baby is much lower now, my stomach isn’t so pushed on anymore so my portions are bigger.

Baby bump? So big!!!! It’s hard for me to move, especially to get up from a chair or bed or turning around. I get uncomfortable fast and writing this post I had to change my position five times. Walking is okay and my pregnancy belt helps me a lot so I highly recommend it to those who have problems with back aches! What’s more, I need help with getting up and if I’m alone, it takes a lot of time. Not mentioning getting out of the car… This is a disaster. That’s why I like my car better because I sit higher than in Nathan’s car and it’s easier :D.



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Stretchmarks? None but I’m a little afraid that they’ll come.

Sleeping? Like I said above – it’s hard for me to change positions at night and so I fall asleep in one position and I wake up laying exactly the same which is totally fine. In general, if not Alicia and Nathan who have to get up in the morning, I’d be much more rested because if I wake up in the morning like that, it’s hard for me to go back to sleep.

Mood swings? Sometimes I’m happy and the day later I cry. Some women say that they have mood swings like this before each period which I never had before (at least I haven’t noticed) but pregnancy hormones showed me what they can to…

Other symptoms? For example the fact that my baby pushing on my pubis bone wakes me up sometimes. It’s not a very comfortable feeling. Moreover, I feel some contractions but they’re not very painful and I sometimes don’t feel them at all but I know they’re there. There’s more but I don’t want to talk about details ;).

Anything else worth writing down? I don’t think so. Tomorrow I’m seeing my doctor again and I’m curious if anything has changed! Here it works like this – in 35th week of pregnancy a doctor checks how dilated a women is and they do a strep-B test. Later visits are each week and doctors can check dilation but they don’t have to – it all depends on a patient, if she wants it or not. I’m one of those who are curious.

Talk to you next time!