#27 Breakfast with Aga and Polish bureaucracy… | 36 weeks pregnant

During last week…

…I received more information from Polish embassy in the USA. I found out that the process of placing my marriage certificate in Polish books is the time when I’d have to take care of translations of my documents + they’d have to be accepted by Polish consul (I don’t know how much it would take) + I’d send all that to the embassy in Washington D.C. + “MINIMUM 3 months” of waiting. Can someone explain what they do with four documents during this time? You know, I need to tell you honestly what I think – this is ridiculous. Getting anything done in Polish offices always takes so much time and is so complicated! After placing this document I’d have to send another application for a new passport which would be made in Poland and that would take minimum 2 more months. I’m not going to do it because I don’t have time and I just don’t want to. I’m going to wait for when I have an American citizenship and I’ll just apply for an American passport.

…I told you about photos from out photoshoot and today I’m gonna show you some :)! Not all of them, of course, but I chose a few that are my favorite. OK, a little more than a few but it wasn’t easy. Here they are…






















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Without unnecessary explanations, Adam <3 


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Leo everywhere, aaaaaahhhh!!!! OK, I am curious if he’ll get Oscar this time. When I’m typing this, it’s 7:24pm so nobody knows anything yet. I suppose that we’ll know before I set the time to publish the post… But I won’t edit here because I’m going to bed now. Very interesting.


36 weeks pregnant

Baby: will gain around 200 g (half a pound) per week until she’s born, this week she’s over 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) – it’s all average, though, because it’s obvious that there are babies who are even 5 kg (11 lbs) when they’re born. Muscles in her cheeks are developing! And they’re getting some fat. In general, growth of each baby at this point is very individual and some of them are already ready to be born when the others need a few more weeks.

How I feel? Without any big changes in this case. I’m waiting impatiently for the time when I have more energy.

Weight? I forgot to check again.

Eating? Lately I’ve had this weird thing with food because it seems to me like I’m hungry (or I really am because my stomach is growling) but on the other hand I don’t really feel like eating anything because I feel full…

Baby bump? It’s completely out in front. My maternity shirts are too short!


Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? It’s very hard for me to fall asleep because I can’t find a comfortable position! And since I got up like 3 times at night to go to bathroom, I have 3 more times of having problems with falling asleep. I like weekends because nothing wakes me up in the morning and I can get some more sleep for the times at night.

Mood swings? No but I need to tell you that I began to stress out about the whole delivery thing. I have no idea what to expect and this is what scares me the most. I mean, I do have a theoretical knowledge and you can test me with anything and I’ll have A and I’ll even surprise you for A+ 😉 but where’s the theory and where’s the real life… I keep thinking about a lot of options, I imagine different scenarios and in general each one ends happily (visualizations – highly recommended!) but there are still some fears. I’m very curious about everything. The most stressful thing is that I have no idea when anything will happen! And please, don’t tell me not to be stressed out and that everything will be fine because it won’t change anything and also nobody know how things will go ;).

Other symptoms? My right leg and arm get a little numb which makes perfect sense to me because my little girl is on the right side most of the time and when she sometimes pushes on the nerves there, I have tears in my eyes…

Anything else worth writing down? I had another doctor’s appointment and I found out that I was 1cm dilated and I got excited, not gonna lie. I KNOW that it doesn’t mean anything and I could be like this for 2 weeks not knowing about it but now when I do know, it feels kind of cool because I know there are things happening :). Before I found out I was dilated I asked if I should expect the baby to drop any time now because I read that a lot of women can feel this moment and I was curious. Of course, it turned out that she’s already much lower which made me happy too! This time I saw a different person because I want each doctor to see my birth plan and this one told me that she thinks I won’t have any problem with delivery because my body is “made for this”, whatever it means. My obgyn said the same thing before. Well, they know how to make someone feel better :D.

Talk to you next time!