#26 Breakfast with Aga – a delicious coconut cake! | 35 weeks pregnant and the baby having hiccups…

During last week…

…me, Nathan and Alicia had our family-maternity photoshoot in Atlanta. It was on Tuesday and I had all the pictures on Friday! And there are 429 of them. I’ll show you one for now (a part of another one is above) but I’m sure I’ll add here some more later. For now it’s hard to decide and I won’t post all of them!


…I went to a hair salon to trim my hair a little bit and Alicia went there with me. She was sitting there talking to the hairdresser and suddenly she asked if he could curl her hair when he’s done with me. He said suuuuure and later he told me that he agreed because Alicia is “super cool” :). And she was happy, sitting on the chair and later after she saw the results and I couldn’t stop looking at her!

…some moron cut my way on the intersection. I was going straight on green, he was turning left from the other direction and he did turn left instead of letting me go first. And he wasn’t even that fast, he was just dragging himself out there. I didn’t expect that he’d do it because he didn’t start driving right after the light turned green so I got scared. First thing I did was that I grabbed my belly.

…I was soooo in a mood for a coconut cake that we went to this restaurant 35 minutes away just to buy a slice! So good!! Sweet but not too sweet. Soft, soaked a little, melts in your mouth ;). And 100% vegan. What more could you want! Since we were there, we stopped by Sky Zone which is a place with trampolines all over and people jump and play games and so on. Nate and Alicia were playing and I was watching them. They’re building one in Peachtree City and I hope that everything will go well with it because it’s a really cool place. And they also have fitness on trampolines which is pretty interesting and I’d like to try that when I can.


To watch

A short video from Facebook (it’s public so you don’t have to have an account). There’s so many deer here around but I’ve never met any that would be so fearless to go to a human so closely like the one in this video. They often come close to houses but when someone appears they freeze for a moment and then they run away. Some time ago some baby deer walked by me but I didn’t see her… One of our neighbors told me later :(.

Song of the week

Listen, this song was stuck in my head for a week! I have no idea why but I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I had in my head was “I hate these blurred lines. I know you want it…” Terrible! I mean, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this song but hey, how much can you stand, right? Finally I listen to it and it went away ;).



I got married a year ago! So this time I’m giving you posts with pictures from that day :).

Not Miss Agnieszka W anymore…

A few more wedding memories…



35 weeks pregnant

Baby: most of the babies during this say have their immune and respiratory systems developed enough to be able to live by themselves in case they were born now. At this stage of pregnancy babies take tons of iron from their mothers. They weigh over 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and are around 45 cm (17.70 in) long.

How I feel? Don’t ask :P. Not much changed.

Weight? Almost the same as last time. A week ago I was 73.48 kg (162 lbs) and now I’m 73.12 kg (161.2 lbs).

Eating? Not much changed here either, I still don’t have any problems with eating or anything of this sort. The only thing is that when I’m craving something, it won’t go away until I eat it! Like that coconut cake I told you about at the beginning of this post.

Baby bump? Heavy! And I really feel that she has a little bit of room there only. The way she moves is incredible! She’s always been active but the less room she has, the more I can see and feel everything. I’m posting a short video for you guys. It’s only 10 seconds because I recorded it on snapchat but imagine that at that time she was moving like this for around 30 minutes with no breaks. However, I need to add that now I don’t really like when she has hiccups anymore. Earlier it was cool, funny, interesting and so on but now she’s so big that when she has those hiccups, EVERYTHING inside of me is shaking and I always reach the point when it’s not comfortable anymore.

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? I don’t sleep very well usually because I wake up all the time but Saturday night was different since I was sooo exhausted and lack of sleep kicked in, I slept the whole night and got up at 11! It was great!

Mood swings? Everything is fine.

Other symptoms? The itching is gone! Shock, huh? I’m very happy because it was sooo annoying so I hope it won’t come back (keep your fingers crossed!). I don’t have much of a back pain either because I wear a pregnancy belt. But sometimes I have this pain going from my right hip to my leg and my knee sometimes bends which is pretty weird.

Anything else worth writing down? Let me think… I don’t think so.

Talk to you next time!