#25 Breakfast with Aga – new photos! | 34 weeks pregnant – I am exhausted.

During last week…

…not much happened so today’s post will be rather poor in text, I think. This time I don’t feel well and lately I haven’t been using my laptop too much anyway. Right now it’s 10:15 pm and I just started writing this post. I wanted to do it around 6 pm but it didn’t work (as always) because there were different things to do. And I want to write it!

…I learned that Beyonce will have a concert in Atlanta! A week ago I told you that if it comes to entertainment, I’ll go to see Rihanna’s concert and then diapers only :D. Well, it turned out that on May 1 I’ll see Beyonce as well. As long as tickets don’t get sold out too fast.

…what else I learned was how to change my name in Poland being here in the States and I need to tell you that it’s some kind of a joke. So much work! I don’t know, here everything’s so easy – you go to the Social Security Office, ask for a name change, show your marriage certificate and that’s all. And in Poland?! Man, I’ll be tired of this but well, life is life. I need to do it but I’ll talk more about this later.

…I realized that I haven’t shown you any pictures of the ones that Eliza took of me some time ago!











To watch

Something difficult, about animals again. Several days ago me, Nathan and Alicia watched this together so if a 6-year-old can do it, then so can you ;)). Yes, I used a little manipulation here. Anyway, this documentary talks about all kinds of subjects connected to animals so it’s not only about dairy or meat but also entertainment seen in a lot of ways, leather, fur, zoos, circuses, etc. I highly recommend because it opens people’s eyes to a lot of things that nobody talks about because “it’s better not to know”.


Let’s go back to a year ago…

I said ‘YES!’ :-)) | San Francisco, San Diego & La Jolla


Also, one of my readers reminded me in a comment about a small interview I gave to one of a bloggers about my love story called “I married my divorced host dad”. I haven’t posted this here yet but why not. If you’re interested, check it out HERE.


34 weeks pregnant

Baby: still gaining weight! If there’s everything fine with pregnancy but from any reason the baby was born now, she’d be completely fine almost for sure. At this moment most of the tiny hair covering her whole body is gone. Her digestive system is working by itself.

How I feel? Terrible. I’m exhausted! And everything hurts. Can you believe that?!

Weight? Today morning I was 73.48 kg (162 lbs) which is 0.8 kg (1.7 lbs) more than a week ago which is, in total, 8.2 kg (18 lbs) more than at the very beginning of my pregnancy.

Food? My low appetite level is still here but I know that I need to it because it’s not only that I need energy for me but also my little one is taking everything she needs and then I’m left with the rest. I suppose this is the reason why I’m so tired all the time. I mean, one of the reasons.

Baby bump? I don’t know if it’s still growing or not… It’d make sense if it’s growing but it seems to me but it’s not because it seems to be soooo tight!

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? It won’t surprise you that you won’t see any positive information here… I sleep terribly, I don’t get enough of it and I have weird dreams. The worst thing is that I realize that I really need this sleep!

Mood swings? Nope, I’m fine.

Other symptoms? Everything is itchy… I haven’t changed any food or any detergents, or anything else. It’s very annoying. Anyone had the same problem during pregnancy? I told my doctor about it and he said that it’s a common problem during the third trimester. Yeah… great.

Anything else worth writing down? I had another doctor’s visit and in general everything is fine so I’m happy about that! He told me that my fatigue might be a normal symptom but they took my blood just to make sure. This time it was not only a traditional test that they always do but also vitamin B12, vitamin D and something else but I honestly forgot. And all the results are perfect! Also, recently I was focused a lot on creating my birth plan which I’ll surely share with you here on my blog or I’ll record a video. I knew that my doctor is really relaxed and opened but I was afraid about a few points out there. Fortunately, he told me that all I said was how they prefer to do it! So I’m satisfied :).

Talk to you next time!