How Au Pair Program helped me make my dreams come true…

Several days ago I received a message from Beata who was an au pair before and now she keeps making her dreams come true staying here in USA (New York City). She shared her story with me and I found it very interesting! She said that right now she’s trying to get an artist visa to be able to continue working with one of the dance studios as a professional dancer and she’d like to share her story with you as well. You know what I said here a lot – everything is possible ;).


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My name is Beata Wierzbicka, I am 25 years old and I am from Pruszcz Gdański (Poland). Currently I live in  New York, realize and make my dreams true as a dancer. And it is all because of Au Pair in America Program, that helped me move to the States over two years ago.

My journey with dance I started when I was 17 years old. Very fast, just active way of spending free time turned around into passion for life. Together with trainer and few more girls created a small dance group. We performed during local events and compete in dance battles. I started to cooperate a lot with my trainer, going with him for a workshops as an assistant, and then I teach my own classes as well.


In 2011 I left to Denmark for studies exchange. It was a crucial year in my life. While working on Polish and Danish, Business Management engineer diploma, I managed also to complete Dance Instructor course in Poland. My time in Denmark helped open my eyes and see other countries, I got much better in English and became braver and open-minded. After I got back to Poland, I graduated at Gdańsk University of Technology and I decided to look for a master degree, internships or job abroad. To be honest, I had really hard time finding something that would fit me. Nothing seems to work for me. It was very hard to connect my knowledge from University, and my life passion which is dance. I spent few long days in front of the computer searching for something that will make me feel motivated to move forward.

It was coincidence when I found Au Pair in America Program on the Internet. Because USA is a small, hidden dream of many of us, I found it very interesting. After 30 minutes of checking, reading, analyzing, I decided that this is it! USA was always my dream, not to mention New York City. I set a goal to find a job for a 6 months to earn the money for a program and leave for at least one year, with the hope that I will find a family close by NYC.

And that is exactly what happened. After I submit my application, first family that contacted me lived in NYC suburbs! I remember like it was today, when I got a massage form host mom and I jumped from joy in the kitchen, telling my mom all about it. I knew that it must be it. Two other families contacted me almost at the same time, but I didn’t really take them under consideration (mostly, because they lived in other state than New York…).

In my NY family were three girls (theirs age difference was the same as between me and my two sisters!). They had dog, cat, the parents were pretty young, when we contacted each other there were both less than 35 years old and girls were 4, 6, and 7 years old. Quite fast we decided that we are a perfect match. The family welcomed me under theirs roof with wide open arms and hearts. From the very beginning they treat me as one of them. We have very similar energy, sometimes crazy, but for sure positive. I spent holidays with them, went for vacation, I met grandparents, siblings of my host mom and theirs kids. I became a real part of the family. With my hosts I could talk about everything. They trusted me and treated me as equal, grownup person. My three girls became my little sisters, that I love with whole my heart. We spent a lot of time together. They also love dance, so you can guess what we were doing very often in our free time…

And that is how one year transferred to two years.

During whole that time living with them, I was also fulfilling my dance dreams. In my free time, in the afternoon I was travelling to NYC to take dance classes. At the beginning once, twice per week, and after some time almost every day. I put a lot of attention to my Breaking classes (In Poland more known as a Break Dance, to long story to explain the difference right now J). It was always the style of dance that I really liked but I didn’t have much time and opportunities to train it. My teacher in NYC saw my involvement and work that I put in every class and he propose that he will give me privet classes to work on more advance moves. Not long time after, I joined the PMT Dance Company. Of course because of my visa status, I couldn’t be hired as a dancer, but just the fact that I was getting an experience was enough to motivate me to work hard and practice with a team. My innermost dreams started to became true. And not so long time ago there were too big, too big to be real.




Together with PMT, I performed few times with the show called: “Struck”, I was a part of a valentines flash mob in the national television, NBC Today Show, from the student at the breaking class I became an assistant, second teacher. New York City became for me a place where everything is possible and hard work is appreciated.

My Au Pair program got to the end and I really wanted to stay in the States to continue developing and realizing myself as a dancer. Once again I did small research on the Internet and I saw that BDC (Broadway Dance Centre) has an International Student Visa Program. BDC… another too big dream to even let it into my head… It is a school for a winners of “ So You Think You Can Dance” (Poland) and professional dancers with amazing experience… But I decided that I will collect all documentation and I sent an application. Again, I remember like today, when I receive an e-mail with congratulations, because I got into the program! 6 months of dance in NYC with the best dance teachers and other students. I just started my fifth month of intensive training. Beyond 12 classes per week at BDC, I still continue working with PMT Dance Company. My schedule is crazy! But I never felt more alive! Of course, like everyone I had my hard times too, and not everything was as perfect as it seems to be, but also very fast I realized how much I already accomplished. I became better, richer in experience dancer and a person.

There is less than two months to finish my program. Director of PMT Dance Studio and PMT Dance Company offered me to continue the work and professional cooperation after I graduate at BDC. We are going to be trying for an artist visa for me, wish me luck!



I hope that my story will inspire many people. There is no such a thing like too big dreams. Nothing, really nothing is impossible! Only thing that you have to do is to believe  that you can make it, work hard and never give up! I also have an another dream (for a little later), that when I will be back in Poland with all the experience I got here, and I hope I still get some more, I will be able to pass it to many other dancers in my own dance school… Aaaa! I said that loud. I dream about my own, small dance school J And as I said myself, there is no too big dreams and nothing is impossible… I will be working hard to make my dream come true!

Good luck!! 🙂