#23 Breakfast with Aga – baby shower and a little win! | 32 weeks pregnant – it’s getting closer…

During the past week…

…I received a cool message. Some time ago I took a part in a competition for a blog of 2016 organized by one of the Polish au pair agencies – Prowork – and yesterday or the day before I found out that I won the blog of January title! I’m pleased :)).

…I had my baby shower! I know, I’m excited about this and stuff but I’m really happy that I didn’t miss this experience because I really like this tradition. In my eyes it’s mostly about getting together, playing games, talking, eating, etc. It’s really cool to meet like this and do something different, especially because there’s not that many occasions to do so. Several days before that I received a package from Poland that surprised me a lot. For the baby as well of course. I need to tell you that I was a little afraid how it’d go, if it’d be boring or not, if people would have a good time… But fortunately all of my fears went away and everything went well!

Tradition says that baby shower is organized for the first child only and only women are invited but it all depends because not all of the people are close to traditions. Also, since the main thing is gift giving for a baby, the party is organized rather by a close friend than herself or her family even and here I need to say thank you to Briana and Mary :). Usually there are some games too and we had one in which everyone got one safety-pin to put in their clothes and the forbidden word was baby. If someone said this word and got caught by someone else, she had to give that person her safety-pin. One person with the highest number of pins won. Well, I won but it was only because Mary had to go earlier and she gave me her pins, I lost my two at the very beginning almost. A cake is also a popular thing during baby showers and it’s often a diaper cake which means diapers put and decorated so that they look like a cake. Expecting couples have registries at stores with baby stuff – the most popular are Target and Babies’R’us – and so it’s easier for guests to know what to buy. The info about registries is put on invitations and they’re usually in a form of an e-mail these days. I had paper invitations sent by a traditional mail because I like it better this way.




Chocolate cake!



Do you see Alicia’s shirt? We have a matching onseie saying “lil sis” for the baby :).



She always wants to help ;).


Because all of those blankets are so soft!


Her face here is killing me!



Let me introduce you: me ;), Briana, Eliza, Jagoda, Margie, Gulengul, Ilona (an American with a Polish name), Dawn and Alicia of course. There were also Birgit and Mary but they had to leave earlier.

…me, Nathan and Alicia went to Atlanta for a company dinner where we met all of his friends and their partners. It was really cool and the food was sooooo good! And it was one more chance to wear something different than sweatpants which I wear every day ;).

Ladies’ night!💃

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Grilled veggies with some tofu that was crispy outside but soft inside in a peanut sauce :).

…when Jagoda was at my place I cooked something different for dinner. I saw a pic online and I liked the way it looked so much that I decided to do it too! Puff pastry with sun dried tomato spread, spinach, peppers, corn, vegan cheese, mushrooms. And that’s all, I think. I liked it a lot.


…today I went to Atlanta again because one girl, her husband and two of their friends came here for the weekend from Mississippi. Until then we were in online contact only so it was cool to meet in real life. After this, as it usually happens when I’m in the city, I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some stuff that I can’t really get here, like some rice whip cream.

Song of the week

Another one from years ago! It’s been stuck in my head lately :).



32 weeks pregnant

Baby: weights somewhere from 2 kg (4.4 lbs) to 2.6 kg (5.8 lbs) and is still gaining weight intensively so in the uterus there’s less and less room and she can’t really move the way she was moving before. She uses all of her five senses, looks around, grabs whatever is on her way, sucks her thumb, makes faces… Her hand nails reached tops of her fingers and the same with toe nails.

How I feel? No changes. Last week was pretty intensive and I didn’t get enough sleep at all! Now it’s 10:37pm and I really don’t know how I survived so much time. Of course I do take naps but today I couldn’t really do it and when I tried, I woke up 4 times to bathroom during 45 minute. My advice to pregnant ladies at the beginning of their journeys: don’t drink the whole cup of water right before you go to bed.

Weight? Exactly the same as last week.

Food? I noticed that my tolerance toward spicy food is higher! I don’t mean that now I started to like when it burns my mouth because it’s not that. It’s more that I’m able to eat things that are more spicy than before and it doesn’t bother me.

Baby bump? To me it’s ginormous since I have to carry it but everyone says it’s so small and cute ;D. Since a while people stop me when I’m outside and either congratulate, ask about gender or say how nice I look which I don’t complain about ;). A few days ago in Target there was this woman who stopped me and asked how far along I was so I told her and she was soooo shocked that my belly is “so small!”

31w 0d

baby's position 30w 3d

Possible position of my baby :D.

Stretchmarks? None. I need to tell you that I’ve been using an apricot oil for a long time and it’s really great – I highly recommend! However, I run out not that long ago but I still had some jojoba oil so I thought I’d use this one to the end. Unfortunately, I don’t know why because I didn’t have that before but my skin was so itchy after I used it… So today I bought my favorite apricot one again!

Sleeping? It happens that I get those terrible muscle cramps in my calf and once I had to wake Nathan up because I couldn’t do anything with it. My calf still hurt.

Mood swings? No comment.

Other symptoms? No changes.

The best moment of the week? Several of them, the week was cool in general :).

Anything else worth writing down? I don’t think so.

Talk to you next time!