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#22 Breakfast with Aga and flight tickets to Poland | 31 weeks pregnant – we chose the name!

During the past week…

…Nathan’s company changed their health insurance agency from January 1st and I found out that our new plan doesn’t cover a chiropractic care which annoyed me because at the same office there are people with insurance from the same agency and they have it covered. Doesn’t make any sense! It’s a good thing that it’s not too expensive but still…

…I checked flights from Atlanta to Warsaw because I’m planning on going there in the summer. In general, it’s not bad if it comes to prices but it’s a pity there are NO direct flights from here to Poland. You’re on the same plane longer in this case but on the other hand I think it’d be easier with a baby and all the bags. Oh well, I’ll make it if I have to! By the way, anyone wants to go to Warsaw from Georgia in the last week of June ;)?

…I went to Atlanta to see Eliza who took some pictures of me and I can’t wait to see them and I’ll see them next Saturday! I need to be patient. And also, next Saturday is my baby shower :). The main pic in this post was taken today in Piedmont Park. How many ducks were there!!! And there was one more big bird with a lot of hair from his throat to belly. I don’t know what it was but it looked cool.

…like I said everywhere else – Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat (@gusiek.w) – a little bit of snow fell. I saw it when I woke up and two hours later it was gone. Today it was around +10C (50F) and I wasn’t cold being in a unzipped jacket or even in a sweater not having anything under it.

Song of the week

Relax! It’s very important to do sometimes.

To watch

I don’t have anything specific to recommend this time but recently Nathan convinced me to watch the first part of Terminator because I never saw it before and we ended up watching all the movies together with the newest one. Pretty cool, I need to admit, which kind of surprised me because I didn’t expect I’d like it. But I did! Although the newest part – Terminator Genisys – is a little more complicated than the rest and, in my opinion, a little bit too complicated. But I enjoyed watching anyway.


31 weeks pregnant

Baby: weights over 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) and is around 41 cm (17 in) long. Even though her lungs are the last organs to develop fully, she practices breathing with them for 30-40% of the time. Her bones are hardening and skin started to stretch and it’s not that wrinkly anymore. She has her own rhythm of the day – time when she’s more alert, less alert, when she sleeps and it’s probably related to my activity.

How I feel? I think I got used to being forever tired and I talked about this so many times that I don’t want to do it again. Hmm, I kind of did it in the first part of the sentence… Oh well.

Weight? 72.4 kg (157.6 lbs) which gives me 0.2 kg (0.5 lbs) more than last week.

Food? I don’t have any problems with eating ;). I’ve been in a mood for sour stuff lately so I eat pickles, sauerkraut, more oranges (I never liked sweet oranges too much).

Baby bump? It was more tight this time. As if it was growing and my skin had to stretch. It probably wasn’t like this but it felt like it ;).

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? Last weekend I could sleep longer even thought I’d wake up to the bathroom. But in the morning nobody woke me up like normally during week days when Nathan and Alicia get up, then garage door or something… I feel better! Too bad it’s Monday again.

Mood swings? Noooo, it’s fine!

Other symptoms? The same – back and ribs pain. And also my breasts hurt a little bit too.

The best moment of the week? Sleeping during the weekend :D.

Anything else worth writing down? I need to tell you that it blows my mind how her movements keep changing. Earlier they were more like kicks/hits but the bigger she is, the less room she has for her “fierce” moves. So now it looks more like she moves slower and my belly has some waives on my belly and you could see that in the video in THIS blog. And it’s so funny to me when I see this growing kind of ball on one place in my belly and it grows so slowly and the belly is deformed and it’s usually her butt sticking out like that. It’s amazing!

And if it comes to the name… It’s chosen! But I’ll tell you when she’s born and I’ll introduce her to you :D. You can try to guess but it’s kind of hard since there’s so many different names out there.

Talk to you next time,