Unexpected trip to an ER at night…

Last night was pretty rough and the whole day in general wasn’t very cool and so I didn’t add anything here earlier because I couldn’t focus on anything. But everything is fine now!

Yesterday I didn’t feel my baby moving for a loooong time. I did all those things they tell you to which is eating a big meal, lying on the bed in quiet, drinking the whole glass of ice cold water and so on… And nothing. I know it always works because every time I drink something cold, she moves. So I started to worry and it was really weird because the day before she was extremely active. I waited several more minutes and I called my doctor’s office, they took my information and I waited for a call from a doctor. I got a call back from one who after hearing what happened told me “you don’t wait so long, you have to go to the hospital!” so it’s not only that I was worried before but also what she said made me feel guilty which I didn’t like at all. I called Nathan from another room and told him we needed to go. He wore something, we dropped Alicia off at Margie’s and went to the emergency room and then was told to you to the labor & delivery. It was around 10pm.

Honestly, I was scared and cried a lot because I didn’t know what was happening and the worst things started to come to my mind… It happened before that she moved less or not as strong as usual but I always felt a lot so yesterday was completely different.

They took me to one of the rooms when women give births and gave me some papers to fill in which is good because now I don’t have to register anymore and when I’m in labor, I just go in. I wore one of their birthing gown and lied on the bed. Nurse obviously asked me a lot of questions, checked my temperature and blood pressure – everything was fine. Later she hooked me up to all those things checking my pulse, baby’s heartbeat and my contractions if I had any. The worst moment was waiting for her to find my daughter’s heartbeat because she couldn’t for a while… It was very stressful. But eventually she did it and both me and Nathan felt a huge relief.

And later all those charts were great, nothing bad happened. The baby’s heartbeat jumped to 165 sometimes but the doctor said it happens sometimes and it’s normal, especially when it’s in norm for most of the time. It’s like our heart beats faster sometimes too. So she was fine. My pulse was fine as well. And the last line was the one with my contractions and they found out I had some every 6-7 minutes so they kind of wanted to check my cervix but then they stopped and they decided not to check anything at that time. I had an ultrasound as well and everything was fine there too. A woman doing the ultrasound showed us that our girl has a lot of hair on her head! I didn’t know you can see something like that :D. And she was moving like crazy but the only thing I felt were hiccups she had at that point, not usual movements. The woman said that at the same day she had a patient whose baby moved the same way as mine but she didn’t feel any of that. Weird, huh? And now I know that the thing causing me such a pain in my ribs wasn’t her head but her butt. And legs sometimes too, I guess, when she tries to be straight. Which means she’s head down so that’s great. And that’s all.

We waited there a while because the doctor was doing a surgery at that time so we got home around 2am and it’s a 15-20 minute drive from our house so it all took a while.

So yeah… There was some panic involved but everything’s fine :). Today I’ve been feeling her normally and I hope that we won’t have any incidents like that anymore. The positive side is that I know what kind of people work there and they’re really cool, open and with a positive attitude so that’s good to know for later.

Since I keep documenting my pregnancy, I wanted to share this with you too. And that’s all for today… I got up at 11, now it’s 1pm, it’s a heavy rain outside and it’s pretty gloomy and I feel like I’m falling asleep so I’m going to lie down again.

For the end I’m going to add a video from my 25th week which was a little bit more than 5 weeks ago. And that hair on my belly is one of the “side effects” of pregnancy I talked about HERE ;).

Talk to you next time!


PS. Yes, I’ll post things not pregnancy related as well, don’t worry :D.