#20 Breakfast with Aga – it got cooler, dairy industry and other stuff… | 29 weeks pregnant and lack of sleep.

During last week…

…it got colder but it’s not terrible. And what I see on Facebook is pretty strange. Because, you know, it’s winter. It’s usually cold in winter. It’s snowing, freezing. I completely understand that this is something not very likeable and I personally can’t stand cold so complaining is fine. I just don’t understand people who were having problems with not having any winter and any snow and they were like “oh, what is this winter about?!” and not they’re having problems with cold and snow… Where’s the logic?

…some time ago Alicia wanted me to buy something to color her hair that wouldn’t stay for long and it’d be easy to wash. So I went to Amazon and I found some hair chalk (I have no idea if there’s any difference between this and a regular chalk or not). I bought it and she really wanted to test them and so we did. It took a while but the effect was cool. She washed it off from her hair easily but I still had some blue in mine the day after. And it dried my hair so much! Not it’s fine. So first Alicia did mine and then I did hers. In her case it’s a little more difficult cause she has darker hair and not everything will be visible.



…I went to Ikea to buy some necessary things and some that I wanted for a long time. I’m glad I did it eventually and it’s done. I, after all, try to be sparing :D, so 40 minutes driving sounds much better than paying $40 or more for shipping.


I bought this teddy bear not in Ikea but in Kroger. This one for my baby and Alicia has one too but dark brown with light sweater. I couldn’t resist!



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Song of the week

Justin’s song this time :D. I liked it at the concert and I listen to it from time to time now.

To watch

I’m not trying to change or judge anyone but I recommend watching this video. It’s 5 minutes long only and explains so many different things. Like I said on Facebook – I like the idea of people making their decisions only when they’re fully aware and when they fully understand both sides of something. This video is just a beginning of that.


29 weeks pregnant

Baby: is 38 cm (15 in) long! Her brain controls her breathing and she has a lot of energy. At this point she feels and reacts to pain and she distinguish people’s voices from other sounds from outside.

How I feel? I’m very, very tired. I started to stress out because I think about labor and delivery more often now. It’s only 76 days left but I have this feeling that she’ll come earlier and I won’t go past the due date but it’s just the feeling and we’ll see how it goes. Now everything seems so close, you know? It’s not “next year” anymore, not it’s “in two months” :P.

Weight? I weigh 0.4 kg (0.9 lbs) more than last week which is 71.3 kg (175.2 lbs) in total which means it’s 6 kg (13 lbs) more than at the very beginning.

Food? I’m telling you, I could eat everything that’s not healthy… I’ve been letting myself eat sweets or chips recently and I know it’s just for a moment. I still eat a lot of oranges!

Baby bump? Honestly? It’s heavy. I never had to carry so much in my body and I’m completely not used to this and it’s hard to do some stuff. I admire women with twins… Or triplets! OMG. But I like it anyway. And I love feeling her movements.. She moves a lot and I feel it very much.

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? This is one of the reasons why I’m so tired all the time – because I don’t sleep well. I often lay on my right side and the baby falls on the right too and half of my belly is much bigger than the rest :P. I want to go on my left side but then I know that the baby will move too and probably more than me. You can laugh but I imagine that what if she’s very comfortable and she’d like to stay in this position or she’s sleeping and I’ll just disturb her when I move?

Mood swings? I’m fiiiiiiiine.

The best moment of the week? Massage! I get them every 2-3 weeks but the last one was so much needed that I felt sad when I had to go out…

Other symptoms? The same – back and ribs pains.

Anything else worth writing down? I don’t think so.

Talk to you next time!