Happy New Year!


My traditional and chronological summary of the year in pictures.

The most important events during this year? Obviously – engagement, wedding, pregnancy ;). Other than that, there was a lot of smaller but also worth remembering things… And it’s not the end yet!

I wish you that all your dreams will come true in 2016 and at the same time I hope you’ll remember that they don’t come true by themselves and you sometimes need to help them. I wish you that you meet great people and see cool places in the world. That you’ll overcome problems successfully and that they won’t discourage you to go further. That you’ll eat this slice of a cake with some whipped cream that you want to eat so much and you won’t have any regrets and fears that you’ll gain five kilograms afterwards. I wish you that you’ll live your own life the way you want even when others criticize you. That you’ll smile more often and you’ll find more and more reasons for joy. And to those who plan on becoming an au pair – good luck! Also, more health and money because those things are useful too! And, speaking generally but very accurately – I wish you to be simply happy!!!!! 

And what am I doing today? Right now it’s 6:45PM, I’m sitting and resting. I finally passed my road test today but I’ll probably talk about this more in a different post. We don’t have any plans for tonight and, most likely, I’ll sleep because I’m already sleepy. So don’t expect any pictures with fancy drinks or anything like that from me :D.

So once again – happy New Year!!!!!

I’ll talk to you in 2016!