Happy Holidays!

1224151552aI’ve been wanting to write this post since the morning but I sat down just now (5pm) because… I was making pierogi. Does it always take so much time or it’s just me so slow? Most of them are with sauerkraut and mushroom but unfortunately I didn’t have enough of it so a few last ones are with fruits. Nate went to a grocery store to pick up some things and he said he’d stop by Target too and he’s lost. I don’t know what he’s buying that it’s taking him so much time.

A lot of you know already that I don’t really like Christmas and that I think the same every year. I have some rather bad memories from this time, in Poland me and my sister didn’t participate in Christmas Eve dinner for several years. I do believe that Christmas can be a really good time full of warmth and love if you have a cool family and if preparations and cleaning give you some pleasure and you’re together. However, I have the impression that in most cases people are worried about how much money they’ll spend and they’re afraid they won’t have enough but they just have to buy tons of food. Later there’s cooking, cleaning and arguing who does what and so on. After that, you have this time called: don’t touch it, it’s for Christmas! And then you have so much food left that people just keep eating even though they’re completely full and then on social media they keep complaining how much they ate, what kind of stomach pain they have, that they gained some weight and they promise they’ll go to the gym starting right after New Year’s Eve. People who normally don’t talk to each other, suddenly start to call and prove that they remember. Not mentioning sharing the Christmas wafer (tradition in Poland) and giving wishes lacking any sense and honesty. Nope, sorry, it’s not for me.

In Poland you say “Merry Christmas”, here you can say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and the second one isn’t about religion at all. Most of the people here take this time as time to spend with family and friends, when they can rest, exchange gifts… And that’s all.

For me, Nate and Alicia there’s no religious accents during this time, we don’t have any special dinner but we have lights on the house, Christmas tree and gifts and Nate is off work. Some of you might call us hypocrites but I don’t want to argue with that. I do like Christmas ornaments, atmosphere everywhere… I LOVE wrapping presents and I enjoy watching people who open stuff from me :).

This year I felt that I wanted to cook a little because I saw all the snaps and pictures on Instagram and I thought oh noooo, this isn’t going to happen that I don’t have anything! So I made a vegetable salad, pierogi, I tried to make gingerbread cookies but they didn’t turn out well:P and tomorrow I’m going to bake a apple pie. For Christmas? I suppose I wouldn’t do all that stuff now if not all those people who were posting pictures of food. So I’ll eat some good things and my baby will enjoy it too. Recently I watched a documentary in which they said that since the moment when baby can taste amniotic fluid, her preferences start to shape, I mean if she’ll like more sweet or spice. I don’t know if it’s true but I hope she’ll like what I like :D.

wód płodowych, kształtują się jego upodobania na później i np. to czy będzie lubić bardziej słodkie, czy bardziej ostre. Nie wiem ile w tym prawdy, ale stwierdziłam, że lepiej niech moja mała lubi to, co ja lubię :D.

Now I’m resting. Nathan just got back and he brought me coffee which I didn’t even ask for, ahh. Alicia is with her mother and we’ll open presents tomorrow.

For the end I want to add that if anyone feels resentful because you didn’t get wishes from me, it’s not because I don’t remember or I’m not interested but because I don’t pay much attention to that and I don’t like sending wishes in bulk. But I do thank everyone who sent them to me :))!

And selfie for good-bye…


Talk to you next time,