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#17 Breakfast with Aga – Justin Bieber, shopping and more | 26 weeks pregnant

During last week…

…me and Jagoda went to Jingle Ball 2015 in Phillips Arena in Atlanta. Several people were performing: DNCE, Hailee Steinfeld, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber at the end. If it comes to any of their work, I knew a few songs of Bieber only. I heard about Nick Jonas – I heard this name and that’s all. And I never heard of any of the other ones before. I suppose they’re popular at radio stations now and I don’t listen to any radio. There were some empty seats in the hall but almost all of them were taken. We saw tons of teenagers and kids with parents. I don’t remember when was last time I heard such loud screams! I mean… Screams of excitement of course. I had a good time in general. Fifth Harmony is five women and I need to tell you that they were reminding me about Beyonce (their clothes, dance, songs) too much and so I didn’t like them. The rest was fine but nobody really blew my mind. I was sitting the whole time with some breaks for little bathroom trips ;). And after all, Justin was my favorite. After the show I slept at Jagoda’s host parent’s house and so I had a chance to meet them and they’re great people! I didn’t take any pictures during the concert so unfortunately I won’t show you anything.


…my chiropractor told me that I should rest more. But it just gets on my nerves so much when I see a mess on a table or a full sink and I can’t just go away. I didn’t react like that before but now I just can’t… And what you understand by a “mess” is yours, remember, we can have different definitions of this word. I don’t know if you remember but after Margie moved we decided not to have any cleaning people coming to our house anymore because I thought I preferred to have everything the way I like it. Right now, though, we decided to get back to them because I get too tired already and when the baby is here, I’m sure I won’t feel like cleaning this big house like before.

…we spent a lot of time on shopping – groceries and baby stuff, and we bought paints for the room too. It wouldn’t take that long if not the fact that we had to drive an hour to one store to buy a car seat. And we spent some more time in the store than we planed, of course. And also we had to eat ;). You know how fast time flies when you do something. Today Alicia was with us and since everything took the whole day again, she was pretty bored and tired. I suppose she won’t want to go shopping with us anymore. And also, I collect all the receipts for baby things we keep buying because I’m curious how much we’ll spend in total at the end of my pregnancy when we’re ready… (I took pictures below on Snapchat so the quality is low.)




…I didn’t post anything on Thursday. It just happened that I didn’t make it and I planed on catching up on Friday but that didn’t work either. Oh well, I still have time to say what I wanted to say so nothing really happened.

…I found a few houses with cool decorations in the area and I wrote down their addresses. I’m planning on driving around and taking pictures to show you what some people did.

Song of the week

This is what Nathan showed me. It’s not something I’ll listen to using my headphones but I liked the video and lyrics.

On the Internet

What they’re doing in this video is impressive but at the same time a discipline like this scares me.

filmik na bloga



26 weeks pregnant

Baby: her body is growing intensively. Longs are starting to maturate but premature birth at this time would be tied to a respiratory failure. She knows how to suck on her thumbs and toes which makes her jaw muscles stronger and she’ll be prepared to be breastfed.

How I feel? Tired, have I ever said it? Other than that I have this impression that her head gets stuck in my ribs on the right side often and it’s not very comfortable. At the same time I’m happy to feel each move she makes and there’s a lot of them now.

Weight? 1 kg (2.2 lbs) more!

Food? I still eat a lot of oranges and I’m always in a mood for Mexican food. I feel like eating sweet stuff often too and so then I eat some cookies or crepes.

Baby bump? Recently I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought: man, I’m big! When I’m standing straight I don’t see my toes anymore. Today Nathan laughed at me when I had to lean to one side to take a look at the number on a scale.

25w 6d

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? The same as last week – it’s hard for me to find a comfortable position to fall asleep.

Mood swings? Ahh, I’m kind of anxious. I feel like we won’t finish the room on time and it stresses me out because even though our baby will sleep in our bedroom for a while, I really want to have her room ready before I give birth and not to worry about that later.

The best moment of the week? I forgot what I wanted to say.

Other symptoms? The most bothering is my back pain. It’s not there all the time but it comes often and stays for a while and then it’s really bad.

Anything else worth writing down? I don’t think so.

Talk to you next time!