#16 Breakfast with Aga – past week. | 25 weeks pregnant and childbirth class :)

During the last week…

…I went to Lenox Mall in Atlanta to meet Jagoda and Eliza and I had a good time :)). The way there took me 43 minutes but the way back 1 hour and 25 minutes because there was an accident on the way. I was exhausted. But while in Lenox, I searched Macy’s and bought a few nice clothing items. This time not for the baby but for me.

…it was very warm – around 22-25*C (71-77*F). It’s supposed to be cooler from Wednesday on. But you know, winter like this is something I like the most ;).

…I started to plan my Baby Shower! I mean, it’s obviously not me organizing it for myself but there are stuff I need to do as well. It won’t be anything big of course, but still. And I’m happy about that. I’m registered in two stores so if anyone wants to give me something, you know where to find me haha

…me and Nathan went to childbirth class. It was one full day in a hospital where my doctor is and where I’m going to give birth. It was cool, especially because a nurse hosting it was really great! I’m glad it was someone normal because nobody was bored. And also, she looked like Jennifer Aniston, I was shocked :D. She showed us, for example, all the instruments doctors use and so on. We also had a trip inside the hospital to see rooms, etc. I already knew most of the things she talked about but there was a few I had no idea about too. We practiced a few birthing positions and breathing. And we did an experiment – each person had to take a hand full of ice and clench fist more and more. Exercise that was supposed to show us how intense this feeling can be… like labor pains ;).

Song of the week

In general I prefer Beyonce solo but this is my favorite song of Destiny’s Child. Every time I listen to it, it goes at least several times in a row. It has a cool energy and I also think that video is pretty nice as well.

To watch

Wreck-It Ralph – I watched it with Alicia and although at the beginning I thought it’d be boring, I liked it! It’s about Ralph who’s a bad character in one of computer games – he’s very lonely and he wants others to like him so he decided to become a superhero. And so he started to visit other games where he had a lot of adventures…


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25 weeks pregnant

Baby: her size hasn’t changed mine comparing to last week but she keeps gaining weight and now she’s around 800 g (28.2 oz). Her nostrils started to open. Right now loud sudden noises can make her put her hands on her ears. Her respiratory system is developing, skeletal system is ossifies and muscles are getting stronger.

How I feel? Not much changes so I’m still tired. Other than that, it’s not bad.

Weight? I gained 2 kg (4 lbs) last week. It’s fine!

Food? I eat oranges all the time! At least 2-3 each day and I don’t get bored at all because they’re so delicious!

Baby bump? I won’t talk but I’ll show you two pictures – the one on the left was taken two weeks ago and the one on the right 3 days ago.


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Stretchmarks? Still nothing and I hope it won’t change!

Sleeping? It happens that it’s hard for me to find a comfortable position to fall asleep but other than that it’s fine and I don’t have stupid dreams anymore.

Mood swings? The nurse told us that one of the symptoms of coming labor may be “nesting” which means wanting to clean all the time and asking a partner to do stuff too. She added that it sometimes comes much earlier and I realized that I’ve been having it for several weeks now ;D.

The best moment of the week? Nothing special happened.

Other symptoms? Back pain!

Anything else worth writing down? Not this time.

Talk to you next time!