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13 things people won’t tell you about pregnancy…

What you hear all the time is that pregnancy is a “bliss”, that women look more beautiful or – what I see more often – “bloom”. They’re more attractive for men because of how hormones change their look; they feel great because they’re carrying a little human under their hearts! OK but how many people looked at this from the other side?

If you get pregnant, people will tell you that your morning sickness will go away at the end of the first trimester; that your belly will grow; that you might be more tired than before… They hardly ever tell you things I decided to talk about here today.

Even though everything in here is true, take it with a smile because it’s not like a self-pity or anything, really.

1. It’s possible that you’ll bleed from most of the holes in your body.

It’s a rough start, isn’t it? Unfortunately, life is life. During pregnancy your gums are much more sensitive and even the softest brush in the world will make your gums bleed. Not mentioning eating apple or crispy bread… Nose bleeds are normal too (although if they happen all the time, it’s better to talk to the doctor because they might mean anemia) and they associated with more blood in your body and they come when the temperature changes or the air is dry – those things also cause stuffed nose even though you’re not sick. It sometimes happens that nipples bleed a little bit too and it’s usually because skin is dry and breaks… and you have more blood in your body.

2. Morning sickness last the whole day.

Where did the phrase “morning sickness” come from? It just messes with people! I’m sure there are happy ones who have problem with this in the morning only when their stomach is empty – cool! Most of them, though, feel it not only in the morning but also the whole day and the whole evening… and sometimes even at night. And it lasts for minimum 12-15 weeks and some women struggle with nausea for the whole pregnancy. Imagine how you can eat anything when everything makes you sick to stomach… And when you sometimes really vomit and there are women who have to spend some time in a hospital because they can’t keep anything down.

3. Your feet might get bigger and never go back to their previous size.

During pregnancy your body produces a hormone called relaxin which relaxes pelvic bone connections or softens the cervix which means that relaxin is preparing you to give birth. Negative sides are that it influences other parts of your body as well so it’s easier to break or twist your bones and you sometimes really need to buy bigger shoes.

4. Nipples’ areola become much darker – sometimes even dark brown.

This is one change. Second one is that areolas become convex and the third one is that you might have some “bumps”. I’m saying “bumps” but they’re not really bumps or anything, just little white dots, I don’t know how to explain. All those changes are caused by body’s preparation to breastfeeding. It sometimes happens that women notice changes in their skin color on other places on their bodies, for example, on their faces. All those discolorations are caused by an increased secretion of melanin.

5. Menstrual cramps don’t go away.

OK, there’s no period for at least 9 months, very often over a year. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t have cramps that feel exactly like the period ones. However, during pregnancy they mean that everything inside is stretching and moving to make room for your baby.

6. Immune system is much weaker. 

Your body will protect not only you but will also tolerate fetus which is a different organism. That’s why the risk of getting sick during pregnancy is much higher than before. Also, your body picks up everything much more intense and so even only a cold that never bothered you too much might put you to bed for good. I don’t recommend being in a company of sick people.

7. Back pains will come even if you have strong stomach muscles. 

People say that if you have strong stomach muscles then your back will not hurt when you’re pregnant. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. When your belly grows together with your baby, your posture keeps changing. Your spine becomes more curved to keep your balance and so your muscles are tense and everything hurts. Body isn’t used to this position and needs to get used to it somehow which isn’t that easy either.

8. Never ending vaginal discharge. 

Ah, there’s no period – relief, but you’ll need panty liners anyway! It’s all because of hormones.

9. You might leak some urine when you sneeze, cough or… anytime. 

Imagine that someone will make you laugh out loud and suddenly you’ll feel that you’re kind of wet between your legs. Or you walk and the same thing happens. Not cool, huh? Unfortunately, when you’re pregnant, you need to drink a lot and since your baby is pushing on your bladder – sometimes even kicks – you have effects like this.

10. “Sorry, it was me!”

During pregnancy gases will be your friend. I mean, friend in the way that they’ll stay for a long time. They’ll just come and they’ll feel like home. And you won’t even control that, it’ll just happen… often. Very often. And it’s all because of those hormones again – progesterone slows down your intestinal function. So another very common symptom of pregnancy is also constipation.

11. Increased body temperature and sweating. 

I feel sorry for you if you’re pregnant during summer… And it’s all because of that blood you’re making now! The blood makes you feel warmer than usual and your body cools down by sweating so it’s only that you’re hot, you’re also wet all over.

12. You’ll have more hair… everywhere.

Hair from your head won’t fall as much as before so you’ll have more. But don’t get too excited because all the hair you didn’t loose during pregnancy will fall after you give birth ;). There’s one more side of it – hair might grow where you haven’t had any before, like your whole stomach or toes.

13. Your veins will be much more visible.

Seriously. Much more. Especially on your boobs. And if you have a light skin, then it’ll be even worse. But that’s not too bad because it’ll go away eventually. And it doesn’t hurt, it’s not uncomfortable. It’s just visible.

There’s more but I’ll finish with 13. My advice for pregnant women – don’t put any expectations on yourselves regarding how you’ll go through pregnancy because you never know. The less expectations = the less disappointment and this is important. My advice to the rest – respect that women have the right to complain while pregnant because it’s usually not as simple as everyone thinks and even though there are great moments (like baby’s movements), there’s more less pleasant ones. And if you’ve never experienced throwing up after each meal for at least several weeks, don’t teach women that they should be happy that the baby grows well and they should stop complaining. It’ll be nice ;). And I’m not talking here about me only but about other women who shared their stories.

Talk to you next time!