#15 Breakfast with Aga and… torn package! | 24 weeks pregnant – my baby bump started to bother me…

During last week…

…I thought that I have this impression I write those Monday posts non stop. As if the days pass by extremely fast, like never before.

…on my Facebook page I wrote a post about me waiting for two packages from my sister and that when I was checking one on the USPS website, it would show me “not found” (it’s still the same way) and the other one as “preparing to be sent from the origin post office” but at the same time when I checked on a Polish Post website both of them were “sent from Poland” and it was around 2 weeks ago. I started to worry especially because I had terrible experiences with the Polish Post in my life before. The same day when I posted that, I received one of them – letter. And I need to tell you that I was shocked because I NEVER saw any envelopes in a condition like this! I’m adding pictures to show you – you can enlarge them after you click on them. Smaller envelope was inside the big one and both were torn, and the big one looked as if someone was stepping on it… Fortunately, nothing got lost. I’m a little worried about what will be the condition of my big package when I get it.







…Alicia had her first little performance playing a piano! It was held at her teacher’s house and there was around 10 kids different ages. In general I’m not a fan of piano music but I was impressed by what everyone did, especially Alicia. Before her turn she said she was scared and I felt that I was stressed too! But everything went well :).

alicia pianino

…we decorated our Christmas tree! Actually, it was mostly Nathan and Alicia, and I helped laying on the couch with blankets, having a fever. But I was giving advice and it’s something. We’re missing garlands but that’s not a big problem. And today we put some lights in front of our house which we didn’t do neither last year nor two years ago. I just wanted to do it more this time and Alicia wanted to as well. When we’re finished, I’ll show you and I’ll take a picture of one house down the road because, man, what they did there… wow, I’m not asking how much they’ll have to pay for that :D.


…I received a book with over 100.000 names… Do books like that really help people? There’s so many different ideas that it might mix everything in their minds for good, if it’s hard for them to decide. But the book is nicely made, I must say.

I like receiving gifts but this one will complicate everything! 🙊

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Song of the week

A song that I listened to in a car all the time lately. I don’t really know why because I was never a huge fan but, you know… Sentiment or something? I’ll listen to it once again :)).

On the Internet

I accidentally found something I wanted to show you but I completely forgot what it was :(…


24 weeks pregnant

Baby: around 34-37 cm (13-15 in) and around 600 g (1.3 lbs). Her body is gaining weight and skin is getting thicker, her nervous system is developing as well. She’s storing protein, calcium and iron. At this stage the baby is aware of its position and so she can plan how she wants to lay and get into that new position with no problem since she’s been fully aware of her moves for a while now.

How I feel? I’m tired… Other than that, I forget a lot, like I talk about something and then there’s nothing and I can’t remember what I wanted to say afterwards. You know what they say – “pregnancy brain” ;). My belly is getting bigger and bigger and since I’m totally not used to having a belly like this, it started to bother me already. And my posture changed, my back is more curved and so my muscles are tight and that’s why I have a pain in my back.

Weight? At the beginning of the week I felt very bad and I had this moment when I almost passed out (I had enough time to lay on the floor before I fell) and I didn’t have any appetite so I lost around 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs). But that’s not a lot so I’ll get back on track very soon.

Food? I have a lot of appetite! I could eat Mexican food all the time because I’m just always in a mood for that. Recently I woke Nathan up at 3AM to ask him to bring me sandwiches… No kidding, it felt like my stomach started to eat itself.

Baby bump? Like I said – getting bigger and started to bother me. I also have some rash and it itches :(.

Stretchmarks? Nope.

Sleeping? I wake up at night and I have weird dreams.

Mood swings? I have them all the time, you can’t even imagine… Today I cried like 5 times and then I laughed with no reason.

The best moment of the week? This time I’ll keep it for myself, shhh!

Other symptoms? I’m thinking and nothing comes to my mind right now.

Anything else worth writing down? I went to my doctor for another check up and to repeat an ultrasound because last time my little one was in that weird position and it was hard to see the most important stuff. Of course everything is very well and I didn’t even feel any relief because this is what I knew would happen. During the ultrasound she held a umbilical cord and she kind of shook it a little and a woman working there told me it might mean that she was hungry which is surprising to me. My next appointment is in 4 weeks now I’m going to see another doctor to get to know him in case mine won’t be available when I’ll be giving birth. And after the next appointment, I’ll have check ups not every 4 but every 2 weeks.

For the end I need to tell you that lately I bought some baby clothes and it’s not only that in the store everything was -50% but I also had a coupon for -$20 so I saved $90. I like that ;).

Talk to you next time,