#14 Breakfast with Aga and my impressions after Thanksgiving. | 23 weeks pregnant

Last week…

…there was Thanksgiving, as you know. I need to vent a little, can’t do otherwise. At the beginning the plan was to go to Margie’s apartment but then people concluded that there’s not enough room so they’d come to our house. I said before that I could cook something too but I was assured that it’s not necessary because she was cooking and Nathan’s sisters were cooking so we’d have enough food. She also said that we’d have some vegan stuff. She knows exactly what we don’t eat and she even asked questions about how I make some things, what I use, what she can change and how, and so on. And they ended up with cheese sauces and other things like that and so I ended up being hungry after dinner. Well. Honestly, I was disappointed. And I need to add here, to prevent any charges towards me, that even though me and Nathan are vegan, we are NOT the types who look into people’s plates. If someone wants to eat meat, go for it, not my business, seriously. Here the situation was that I was assured that it wasn’t a problem but it turned out other way.

…I didn’t go for shopping on Black Friday. There was nothing I really needed to buy being in such crowds and I’m not one of those who buy just because things are on sale. However, I bought a few things for my baby online :).

Song of the week

Song from “Magic Mike XXL” which was watched by me and… Nathan. He really wanted me to play a computer game with him but I’m so not interested in this one so I said I’ll do it if he watches a movie I choose. I picked two, told him to make a final decision and the decision was “Magic Mike XXL” :P.


What happened a year ago?

I-statement – how to confront people with our problems which are caused by their behavior? 


23 weeks pregnant

Baby: around 30 cm (11.8 in) and around 550 g (1.10 lbs). She’s very active and her moves are getting more regular now, each one is controlled – she can react for, for example, a sudden noise by curling her body or moving her arms. Even though, she still sleeps around 20 hours a day! This week was very important for her sight and hearing development – it’s possible she can already recognize her mom’s voice.

How do I feel? I don’t feel very well but it’s not about nausea or anything. Before Thanksgiving I cleaned a lot, carried stuff, reached for something, picking up from the floor, etc. And now I’m paying for that with pain in my lower back and my shoulder – my whole arm gets numb. And it’s all so bad that yesterday and the day before yesterday (which were pretty active too) I had to ask Nathan for help with getting out from the car or putting my shoes on…

Weight? We can say that I’m gaining weight perfectly, which means 0,5 kg (1.10 lbs) a week and even though I still weight too little. Considering my weight and BMI before pregnancy, last week I should weigh between 68 kg (150 lbs) to 70,1 kg (155 lbs). This isn’t something I’m worried about. Especially because a while ago I read (and Nathan told me the same thing – he heard it from our neighbor who heard it from her doctor) that in general a baby is a “parasite” in the way that the baby will always get what he needs first and then the rest goes to his mother. So I guess it’s good if we look at it this way ;).

Food? I’m not complaining!

Baby bump? I seriously have this impression that during first 4,5 months my belly was growing rather gradually but recently it just jumped out. It’s possible that it’s only my impression and the truth is that it didn’t happen like that but it just feels differently now.

Lubię sie głaskać po brzuchu ;).

I like massaging my belly ;).

Stretchmarks? I don’t have any.

Sleeping? Cool, nothing bothers me. I’m used to getting up to bathroom at night.

Mood swings? Right now everything is fine but I need to tell you that I never had that before when I’d laugh at one moment and 5 minutes later I’d burst into tears. And it happens now.

The best moment of the week? I don’t know.

Other symptoms? My gums are so sensitive that I hate brushing my teeth now :(. My hair is VERY thick. Other than that I’m warmer than before.

Anything else worth writing down? It was great when Alicia got excited when she put her hand on my belly and she could feel her sister moving for the first time :)). She also talked a little to my belly and Nate did the same, and I just melted.

Talk to you next time!