Happy Thanksgiving!

In the USA Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November. The first celebration took place in Florida in 1565 or in Plymouth cologne in 1621 – depends who believes in what ;). This year it’s today. In Poland there’s something like Thanksgiving and it’s a Catholic holiday that was established in 2008 and it happens every year on the first Sunday of June. It’s about showing people’s thankfulness for the Pope John Paul II. I wouldn’t even know about it if I didn’t read it just now and, honestly, I like Thanksgiving in the USA much more than in Poland but there’s nothing even to compare.

Schools were closed for the whole week and most of the people has time off from work today and tomorrow. Americans travel to their families they don’t see very often during the year and today they have a table full of food, including a turkey. Besides turkey, very popular are sweet potatoes, smashed potatoes with gravy, veggies, cranberry sauce… And a pumpkin pie which, in my opinion, is a kind of a leftover after Halloween since pumpkins on Halloween are extremely important :P.

What after Thanksgiving? Black Friday! A day (and sometimes the whole night too) with huge discounts everywhere. Some people wait from the day before or even several days before, some of them have tents… Well, if discount is 80% then maybe it’s worth it? I don’t know, I prefer sleeping in my own bed. You can find excellent deals but you need to remember that you sometimes may get fooled… I recommend check prices for things you’re interested in and then compare it to a new price on Black Friday to see if what they say is actually true. If it’s still there since so many places open at midnight.

What about me? Two Nathan’s sister, their two adult children and Margie are coming for a dinner. Did I cook? Nope. They agreed that each person will bring something. I found out that they would come here yesterday, the idea at the beginning was that we’d go to Margie’s place. Well. Anyway, who would want to eat vegan “not-food” when they can get stuffed with turkey ;). I hope it’ll be nice!

Personally I don’t really take this holiday very serious because I didn’t have it so many years in Poland and now it’s my third when I’m seeing all that. It doesn’t mean anything to me but doesn’t bother me either :).



Do następnego!