#13 Breakfast with Aga | 22 weeks pregnant and my nose is bleeding

During the last week…

…I had some problems with focusing my thoughts and that’s why the previous post was “on air” so late and its translation at the last moment. But, like I thought a while ago, even though I’m the one who wants to write twice a week – if I was posting once a week then nobody would read anything because everything would be too long – you still don’t know what might happen. I can’t predict anything and so last week I was thinking that I don’t feel bad about it or anything. I can’t imaging forcing myself to add something new.

…a carpet cleaner came to us and he cleaned not only carpets but also couches and armchairs. Some time ago Alicia spilled some blue nail polish on our armchairs in the bedroom and I think I’ve tried everything so far to clean it up. Nothing worked. I hoped that this guy would find a way but unfortunately not… He tried for at least 15 minutes and at the end he said it just doesn’t want to go away. Too bad :(.

…I was editing a video I made a long time ago, in July I think. I talked about au pair program rules in it because at that time I saw two videos full of nonsense and I just thought I had to record something new. I don’t know when I’ll be finished with it but when I am, I’ll add it and you’ll listen to me for a little bit :D. I was speaking Polish but I’m adding English subtitles as well!

Song of the week

A classic :).


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“What I do always is perfect!” 😉


22 weeks pregnant

Baby: a size of an eggplant which means around 28-30cm (11-11.8in) and at least 450g (1lb). The skin is still getting thicker and the fat is getting under it. The baby smiles and makes all kinds of faces and her eyes are sensitive for the light from outside. She sometimes has hiccups which can be felt by a mother as well.

How I feel? In general not much changes, I’m pretty tired and sleep a lot but other than that I think it’s not bad.

Weight? Another 0,5kg (1lb) more. I’m glad that for now I gained in my belly and breasts only.

Food? Do you know this feeling that you’re hungry and so you go to the fridge, you look and… you don’t like anything? I’ve had this lately. It feels like I’m bored with everything, like I don’t like anything. I hate this feeling.

Baby bump? It’s nicely round all the way and I like it.

Stretchmarks? I don’t have them yet. Lately my skin would itch and I guess it means that it’s stretching but it’s happening slowly so maybe it won’t be bad.

Sleeping? I usually sleep on my left side but it sometimes happens that I’m not that comfortable and I want to turn around to my right side. And then I have a problem because I have this feeling that my belly together with my baby kind of rest on the bed while laying on the left side and so when I want to change my position, I need to grab my belly with my hand and hold it all the way so it doesn’t move too much. It sounds strange but it’s the way it is.

Mood swings? I’m sad.

The best moment of the week? When Alicia wrote to me: “I love you, mom, and thank you for your love!” Moments like that are the best.

Other symptoms? I read that around 20% of pregnant women have problems with sneezing and itching nose. And I’ve been obviously in this group for a while now. At the beginning I thought that maybe I just have a cold or something but it wouldn’t go away so I started to do some research and now I know. Also, I had nose bleed for the first time in my life. My chiropractor told me that I need to rest more. And I’m like, even more?! And my gums bleed too.

Anything else worth writing down? We went to buy buy Baby for some shooooping. We had to drive an hours there. We bought things that are rather needed – together with a crib mattress – and things that might be needed but it’s not for sure. We didn’t get any clothes or toys because we still have time for that. We also have a crib and a dresser for the nursery but the room isn’t ready even in a bit, I still need to choose a color of a paint for it. In general, it was a good day even though I got very tired. Alicia decided to go too and she said she was getting more excited and it’s a good sign.

And a selfie for the end ;).


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Talk to you next time!