A trip to Chicago and Winnetka as an extra…

…which means windy city and a house where a family left Kevin alone ;).

For the beginning, a short general info: I was flying with Spirit, departure Friday at 10:35am and coming back on Monday 12:35pm. A round ticket cost $175 (at the beginning it was $80 for a round trip but I was too slow with buying them :P). A check-in bag $35 one way which makes $70 for both. The whole trip cost $245 and it was still cheaper than other airlines at that time at the last moment. At the beginning I was supposed to be alone for the Friday night because Monika was to come on Saturday. During the whole planning Nathan said he’d go as well because his best friend lives in Chicago so it’d be a cool chance to see him. I bought one more ticket for him for the same flight from Atlanta but he was supposed to come back on Sunday evening.

Me and Monika had several ideas for what we wanted to see but we didn’t have any specific plan. First of all because we simply didn’t make any and second because we didn’t know what the weather would be like so it was hard to decide what to do one day and what on another. Even if the temperature here and there would be the same, it’d be much warmer here because you feel it differently and we don’t have such a strong wind.

On Friday we didn’t do much so there’s nothing really to talk about. Maybe besides the fact that I almost froze to death. On Saturday morning we went to the airport to pick Monika up, then to eat something and then to Downtown. Nathan was driving because when I saw what was happening on the roads there, I was like nope, NEVER! I’m talking mostly about Downtown. People were driving like crazy and they didn’t look at all if there was someone next to them/in front/behind. They would just drive in front of your car just like that. Other ones would go on red lights when cars from their right and left were already crossing the way! And when we were going back to our hotel on Friday around midnight, it was even worse because our hotel was in the center of everything, there was a lot of bars and clubs and it meant taxis. I thought I’d get a heartattack and not only once… I’ve never seen anything like it!

On Saturday our first goal was Cloud Gate. It’s located in a very cool area – next to the Millennium Park together with Harris Theater and Lurie Gardens, and a little bit further there’s Maggie Daley Park with a GREAT and huge playground. I think this playground was the best one I’ve seen in my life, there were also climbing walls out there. It would be cool to see Lurie Gardens during Spring when everything is blooming. The weather on Saturday pretty cool. Not very warm but the Sun was shining all the time.






Millennium Park




The sign and people walking on the grass…;)


View from Lurie Garden.


This picture was taken on the Nichols Bridgeway.


Cloud Gate (“The Chicago Bean”) and a lot of tourists around.


I took my jacket off to look better :D.


DSC_1393 01



And on the other side.





After that Nate left us and went to see his friend, we went for a walk on the Lakefront Trail and our plan was to get to Navy Pier. It was a pleasant walk, we talked about stuff, sat down for a while to rest. I liked that there wasn’t as many people as by “The Bean”.

If it comes to Navy Pier, I was disappointed because there’s pretty much nothing.


I don’t know this person.



Lakefront Trail



Navy Pier


I need to tell you that going back was hard :P. We crossed the street to the other side where there was no Sun anymore because it was already pretty low and we felt extremely cold. I zipped and buttoned my jacket to my nose, had a hoodie on and gloves. Then we had to walk on the bridge but we chose another side as well so we had a better view.


Chicago River




And that’s all from Saturday. We went back to the same place so meet Nathan, his friend and his friend’s friend and went to eat something.

On Sunday we wanted to go to Willis Tower to take a picture on Skydeck and also we wanted to go to Winnetka to see the house from “Home Alone”. Yes, we drove for an hour to take a picture of one house ;). As Monika said – “this house was a guest in my house for years!” To explain a little – they’ve been playing this movie in Polish tv for EVERY Christmas since it first went on air. And they still do. Fortunately Nate agreed to go because – like I already said – we were too nervous when thinking about driving our there.




On the way back we chose the other side which means we didn’t drive on the highway but by the lake through some smaller towns. Honestly, houses in Winnetka are like castles. Beautiful places and I don’t even want to know how much they cost. I really liked it there, it was very calm and clean. Didn’t take pictures, though, because it was already late and we had to go back to Chicago.








And Skydeck… Nate left us by the tower where we saw a long line. I don’t remember what time it was then but the Sun was going down already and we were supposed to meet Aga in one of the restaurants near our hotel at 7pm. When we reached the point when people were waiting to buy tickets, we found out we’d have to wait at least 2,5 hours. We agreed that we wouldn’t wait that long not only because of our lack of time but also because we simply didn’t want to. We decided to buy more expensive tickets – fast pass. General admission costs almost $20, we paid $45 for each. We skipped the whole line and went straight to the ticket window. Bought tickets and went upstairs. If you ever want to go there and you really want to go upstairs and you don’t care about money too much – buy fast pass.

In general, I was disappointed. I like city views, especially during nights, but this one was.. well, disappointing. I didn’t feel any emotions when I was standing there. I don’t regret I paid for that because I wanted to go and another thing on my “to-do list” is gone but now I think it’s not worth it.

Afterwards, Nate came to take some stuff from me and I took something too, he left to the airport and we took a taxi to go to the hotel and then to the restaurant.


I took a picture of a picture so it’s not a good quality. It cost $26.



Late evening I had a call from Nathan who said that his boarding pass didn’t work and it was too late to print it out in one of the kiosks at the airport and he had to do it by the check-in place but it was too late for that too so they rebooked him a flight for 6am the next day and he got some discount for a hotel or something. Then he changed his flight again for 12:35pm so we were coming back together. Monika’s flight back to Boston was one hour after ours. Everything went not as we planned… We got there around 10am so we had a lot of time and we spent it sitting close to our gate. And we were late anyway. Can you imagine that? And they saw us coming. I was literally 4 seconds away from the door when they closed it and waved to us to go to a desk to reschedule us for 8:30pm. Monika departed as she planned ;). And we went to some shopping mall to eat and Nate had to work for a little bit. And then we went back to the airport and flew back to Atlanta.

Yep… That’s all for now :).

Talk to you next time!