#12 Breakfast with Aga – everything at once :) | 20 & 21 weeks pregnant – another ultrasound and and a picture of baby’s feet!

During two last weeks…

…I cooked a cabbage with some tomato paste! I was soooo in a mood for this, you can’t even imagine. And you know who made me be like that? Monika who cooked the same some time ago and told me about it. You know, it doesn’t sound like much but if you’re craving something and you finally get it, it’s just the best thing ever.

…I finally went to Chicago! I was planning this for a long time and it didn’t work because of a lot of things so I’m glad that this time everything went the way it should have. I’ll add a post about this trip on Thursday and for now one pic only.


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…I finally could upgrade my old phone! It’s been two years since I got it and I’m very happy because it was making me so pissed… Nothing was working. And the worst thing is that it was this kind of a phone that you can’t open so it was impossible to even check what was wrong. It doesn’t make any sense to make phones you can’t open, right? I think I made a good decision with a new one but imagine that the second day after I got it, I put it on a book which didn’t lay straight and it fell on the floor and since I didn’t have a case yet, I now have two cracks on the screen. But fortunately I already had a screen protector so they’re not on a main screen.

…I bought a vegan Polish sausage. Why? I don’t know, I was curious how it tastes. I tried and it’s not great but it’s also not bad either. I’ll eat what I have and I won’t buy it anymore. Does it really taste like a Polish sausage? I don’t think so but the last time I ate it was over 10 years ago so I don’t even remember the taste anymore.


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…I went for an hour to the dance class I was going to for a year before I got pregnant. I decided to try and see how it would go. It wasn’t that bad but when I sat down after the class, I didn’t get up for hours ;). I feel that I’m so stiff now and all my stretching work is totally gone. I’ll have to start over.


Michael Jackson again and again – a song about a serious stuff! I love it. There are two videos for this song and you can check out the other one HERE.

To watch

Unfortunately, this time I added a video in Polish. In general, it’s about that parents are usually not aware (or perfectly aware but it doesn’t happen that often) that if their child, for example, is trying very hard to zip his jacket but it just doesn’t work but he’s trying again and again and he’s getting frustrated and then a parent comes and says something like “omg, you’re so slow, hurry up!”… Or when a child is eating Nutella and having fun but she gets dirty, a parent comes and scolds her for that. All the things like those “little” ones affect each child for life. Later on, when the same child is already an adult, he’s “shy”, he doesn’t believe in himself, thinks he’s no good… That’s sad.

If you’re curious anyway or you’re a Polish person reading in English, check it out below.


On the Internet

I sometimes wonder what people think when they make decisions only after they ask people on the Internet. They ask everything… Should I stop sleeping with my child or should I buy a bigger bed and still sleep with her? Should I spend this much on one pair of shoes? My husband pissed me off, what should I tell him? And the thing that surprises me the most is when there’s something happening to them (or their children) – they bleed, they have some rushes, bites, fever, whatever – they add pictures to the Internet asking what it is, why and what to do. It’s like doctors don’t even exist. And you can call your doctor’s office and talk to a nurse or a doctor before you make an appointment!

It’s sad, in my opinion, that some people mix their real life with a virtual life so much. Type in Google that your head hurts and you’ll see that you have a cancer and you’re dying! You know what I’m saying? It scares me, to be honest.


20 & 21 weeks pregnant

Baby at 21 weeks: as big as a cantaloupe – around 27cm (11in) and around 360g (12.70oz) – mine is bigger. Hair started to grow on her hair and she has nails on her fingers but they’re still very soft. Right now there’s no need to use a special device to hear a baby’s heartbeat – a stethoscope will be enough! A bone marrow is starting to produce blood cells what before was done by a liver and spleen.

How I feel? TIRED. I’m telling you, it’s kind of amazing how fast and how much I get tired. And this is my main problem. Other than that I can say I feel fine.

Weight? I forgot to weight myself yesterday (Sunday) but it did it a week ago and I was 66.32kg (146.2lbs) and it was 1,46kg (0.66lbs) more than a week before that. I’m happy because I’m not underweight anymore, although I’m still on a low side. And no, I’m not bragging about how skinny I am – I’m bragging about the fact that my weight is correct :). I guess I’ll edit this post when I weight myself on Monday… which is today.

EDIT: So I weight exactly the same as last week.

Food? I love eating!

Medicines? None.

Baby bump? Take a look at a pic below :). I took it a week ago in Chicago. I never slept on my stomach so I don’t have any problem with that, fortunately. But I can’t lay on it during my massages anymore because I don’t feel comfortable and everything gets kind of pressing out there so I prefer not.


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Stretchmarks? No changes.

Sleeping? I don’t have any problems but, on the contrary, I need more sleep. And I have weird dreams again but I completely don’t remember them. It’s just that I sometimes wake up at night and think – I seriously had that dream?!

Mood swings? I don’t have any lately.

The best moment of the week? I think I write the same every week but it’s seriously the best moment of every single day when I feel when she’s moving. And I feel more and more often. Today I stared on my belly and I could see those moves :D. I mean, not that I saw feet or hands, no. Just some hills with each move.

Other symptoms? My lower back hurts a little and I had a stomachache a few days ago and I read it’s normal too. I really hope it won’t happen again.

Anything else worth writing down? I went to a doctor and I had another ultrasound. A woman checked baby’s brain, stomach, lungs and other organs and everything is very well! She also measured her and later the doctor told me that she’s “6 days bigger”, I mean longer. It’s nothing bad of course but it makes a big difference inside and the doctor told me that he expects a big baby ;). And she yawned during the ultrasound which was really cool to see too. I’m gonna show you a pic of her little feet below :D.


Talk to you next time!