Two years in the States!

Sometimes life is surprising or even shocking. I had no idea how much everything would change. Not only my surroundings but also my way of seeing things, the big part of my life and myself. Unbelievable… Only 365 days and everything turned upside down! And I don’t want anything to go back to the way it was before. – this is exactly how I started my summary post after my first year here. The continuation of this one will sound a little different:

Yesterday, November 4, 2015, two years have past after my arrival to the USA for the first time. I clearly remember the night before my flight when I didn’t sleep because I spent a big part of it with Magda and… I had to pack my stuff. I remember the farewell at the airport where my closest friends came. I remember that I didn’t eat anything during the whole flight from Frankfurt to New York and that one of the flight attendants eventually told me that he wouldn’t leave until I get some food from him. And I also remember that I cried when the plane touched the ground in New York City because I felt that this was the moment when my new life started.

I don’t know if there was anything I expected this year. Rather, I waited impatiently for following weeks because I knew that each one will bring something new, something interesting. And believe me, not everything was positive. There was a lot of tough times and moments of breaking down but the important thing is to survive, solve and go forward.

In that post one year ago I said: “I know what I want from life and I finally can imagine that I’ll have it and it’s not an abstraction. I looked at the life from a different perspective and I found a way I want to walk on.” And when I think about it now I think I’m going in the right direction so my imagination wasn’t wrong when giving me the picture of this road. And what was it? Creating a family! And it worked – Alicia started to call me mom a long time ago because she felt it. I have a loving husband and I’m expecting a baby.

Just between us – I sometimes tripped on the shoulder but at least it’s not boring 😉

This post won’t be long and I’m sure I won’t add things like this every year because it’s as if I’d do the same in Poland after living there 21 years… 😉 It’s just that those two years have changed so much in my life that I can’t go around it and not say anything!

And there’s still more to go…

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