#11 Breakfast with Aga | 19 weeks pregnant

In the last week…

…Walker Stalker Con – something I’ve waited for so long! I’m not going to talk about this now because I want to write a full story which I’ll publish next week 🙂

…I went for a walk to take some fall pictures. Since everything around is colorful and it was beautiful there last time (I showed you some pics HERE), I thought it’d be perfect. So I took my camera and my car and I got there after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, my plan to take fall pictures didn’t work out because… everything is green and there are still flowers on meadows. What you can do, right? And they’re predicting rains from today on so I suppose later I won’t have anything to drive there for.



Song of the week
Today I’m going to show you something that I saw accidentally on YouTube and it stayed in my head. One of the songs that I remember from my early teenage years 🙂

To watch
Let’s kill Ward’s wife – ok, this movie is pretty dumb. I mean, it’s a little complicated because I liked the general idea but the effect of these people’s work was disappointing. I watched staying interested because I wanted to know what would happen next. It’s not this kind of a production I’d highly recommend but I also don’t advice against because I’d put this move on a good side of movies I’ve seen 🙂

On the Internet
It’s genial because it’s so real!

No cóż, skoro zobaczyłeś to na Facebooku, to po prostu musi być prawda!

19 weeks pregnant

Baby: a size of a grapefruit. She’s around 15,5-17cm (6.02-6.69in) and weights around 250g (8.50oz). She’s covered with a special greasy coating that protects her skin. She sleeps around 18 hours a day but not in a row. She’s the more active after a big meal.

How I feel? I get very tired doing anything and it’s often difficult to catch my breath. I never had it before so it annoys me a lot because I sometimes have to stop in the middle of the stairs for a few seconds before I continue going up in my own house!

Weight? 64,68kg (143lbs) but I weighted myself after breakfast and coffee 😛 It’s 0,46kg (1lb) more than last week and to reach a minimum normal weight there’s only 0,32kg (0.70lbs) to go!

Food? I’m not nauseous or any weird cravings. Appetite still high.

Medicines? Nope.

Bump? It’s growing! I’m getting 0,5cm (0.20in) in my waist every week.

Stretchmarks? No.

Sleeping? I had to get up early lately and so my body changed its rhythm or something and now I wake up early in the morning, I can’t fall asleep anymore and then I’m exhausted in the afternoon. And my silly dreams are back.

Mood swings? Nate keep telling me than when I’m tired then I’m “bitchy”… It’s a pregnancy thing 😉

The best moment of the week? Once I put my hand on my belly and when she kicked, I got surprised that I felt it so much from outside. Amazing!

Other symptoms? My spine hurts! This is the thing I was afraid of the most… Also, the ligaments holding my growing uterus with growing baby is pulling and it sometimes really hurts.

Anything else worth writing down? I bought a stroller! Since – as you already know – I have a lot of free time, I do research of different things and that’s why I have a full list of things we need to have. I also found the stroller with all the options I wanted and it looks nice. I bought it on Amazon and I can’t wait for it to come! And tomorrow (Tuesday) I’m going to another doctor’s visit together with another ultrasound.

Talk to you next time!