#10 Breakfast with Aga and a trip to Chicago! | 18 weeks pregnant – the time flies so fast!

In the last week…

…I bought tickets to Chicago! I’m going to meet Monika who’ll come from Boston. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you surely know that I planned to go there not only once but it never worked (once because the control tower in Chicago was set on fire and all the flights were canceled). I hope that this time everything will go smoothly!

…we went to Ikea to buy one lamp. We went out with the lamp, a new coverlet and pillows, covers for them, blanket and a few more items. Ahh, Ikea.

…Nate taught me a parallel parking because I NEVER did it before in my whole life and soon I’ll have to take a road test here and it’s required. I don’t really know why since nobody parks like that in here but well. During the whole au pair program – including extension – I could drive with my Polish and international licenses. After I received my Green Card, my status in the US changed to a permanent resident so my Polish licenses isn’t valid anymore (and I have an old name on it anyway). At that time I was already pretty much home only because of all my pregnancy symptoms so I can start doing anything just now.

…I started to watch The Vampire Diaries because at least several of my friends like this show. I thought I’d see what it is and if I like it, I’ll have enough time to watch all of it. And I did like it so now I’m happy that Ian and Paul will be on the Walker Stalker Con the following weekend 😉

…I got a comment that since I wanted a son and I dared to talk about it openly and to admit that I was disappointed after I found out I’m having a girl, I’m immature to be a mother. Honestly – this comment didn’t touch me at all but this is an excellent example about what I was talking about earlier which is that if a woman has any hoped and images in her head, she’s just unworthy to be a mom. I obviously don’t agree with this. Anyway, you can read this post HERE if you feel like it!


I’m going to give you links to my older posts to go back to or read for the first time.

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Song of  the week

Matt Pokora! Ahh, my Matt lol


To watch

There’s something about Mary – starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller. A cool comedy! The only thing bothering me is the fact that Stiller usually plays roles that are… humiliating. I know it’s only a movie but he’s always this failure that I sometimes honestly feel compassion towards him. Anyway, I liked the movie.



18 weeks pregnant

Baby: a size of a dragon fruit, weights around 190g (6.70oz) and she’s around 14,2-15cm (5.59in) long. Her weight will increase about six-fold over the next month! Her immune system is preparing to live outside the womb. She has visible fingerprints. Her heart is developed enough to see if there are any defects (I’ll have this ultrasound next week).

How I feel? When my cold is gone completely, then I’ll tell you. Now I’m not sure what is what.

Weight? 64,05kg (141.2lbs) which is 0,55kg (1.2lbs) more than last week and still 1,27kg (2.8lbs) less than before my pregnancy. I’m still underweight but I’m slowly getting there. I don’t only weight myself but I also measure and I noticed that the only growing thing is my belly but, to be honest, I’d like my thighs to be a little bigger. Well, maybe it’ll be better to get some muscles instead of fat.

Food? Not complaining 😀 Which means I eat whatever I want.

Medicines? None.

Bump? Very slowly and almost unnoticeable but it’s growing and getting harder. My belly button looks a little different too, it’s more outside which is a little surprising since I’m not big at all.

Stretchmarks? None.

Sleeping? Well!

Mood swings? I sometimes cry with “no reason” and it annoys me and then I cry even more because I get frustrated that I don’t know why I’m crying.

The best moment of the week? Nothing special happened.

Other symptoms? I feel her moving from time to time and this is sooooo cool that I don’t even know how to describe it!

Anything else worth writing down? I got up two hours ago and I feel like I’m falling asleep again…

Talk to you next time!


PS. The picture in this post was taken in San Diego.