#9 Breakfast with Aga – a trip to Atlanta. | 17 weeks pregnant and pics of my bump ;)

In the last week…

…I accidentally saw a recipe for a spinach lasagna. It wasn’t a vegan recipe but pictures of it looked so good that I thought there was nothing on the way to change a few ingredients, add something new and so on. So we made it and when I tasted it I thought: I know this taste from somewhere! Nate started to eat and said that this lasagna tastes the same as the one we used to buy pretty often before. So it was a success!

…a new season of The Walking Dead went on air! Actually, I should have write about it in my previous post but I finished that one before the premiere so I didn’t think. FINALLY! And Walker Stalker Con is coming! I can’t wait even though I don’t really know how I’ll get there… Ah, and I’m still looking for someone who’d like to come with me!

…Alicia called me “the best mom in the world” in front of her biological mother. Oops… 😉

…we went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta to walk a little. I’m posting two pictures – one below and one above the post. The Sun was shining in our faces. The weather is still good so I wore shorts. But it also depends when because if the wind blows then it’s chilly. It was really cool for me to go somewhere else and be in a completely different place than my house. After the walk we found a cool restaurant and then went to Babies”R”Us because I wanted to see what they have. I wanted to have an idea about prices of all the stuff, different styles and what I like and what I don’t like mainly about furniture and the most important things because clothes are easy. And I need to tell you that I didn’t like most of the “Kardashian Kids” collection 😉


Piedmont Park


Some time ago I got a comment that the captcha code is tiring when you want to add a comment. I understand this completely and I don’t like it either so I sent a message to my friend who helps me with the website and asked about it. She said that there was a lot of attempts to break into a lot of websites that it’s just safer to have something. So I prefer it to stay.

Song of the week
Song that makes me cry every single time I hear it. In my opinion, lyrics is beautiful and so real, I’m sure it’ll bring some memories in some of you. And music is just an ideal fulfillment!


To watch
Coming to America – I saw this movie years ago but I didn’t remember any of it so I watched it again. Eddie Murphy plays a main character, Akeem, who’s an African prince going to New York to find a wife because he didn’t want to marry the one chosen by his parents. I really like this movie and it made me laugh so go ahead and check it out if you want.



17 weeks pregnant

Baby: a size of an orange, can fit in a hand. She’s around 13cm long (5.12 inches) and weights around 140g (4.94 ounces). She’s had taste buds for a while but just now she’s starting to distinguish different tastes. He little heart pumps around 23 liters (25 quarts) of blood a day!

How do I feel? Today I need to pay for yesterday’s walk, sitting in the car and shopping by feeling terrible, being very tired and having a headache. There’s nothing for free, right?

Weight? Moved and showed 63,5kg (140lbs) which gives me 1,8kg (4lbs) less than before my pregnancy and 1,4kg (3lbs) more than at 15 weeks.

Food? I’m forever hungry. I eat a lot of veggies and fresh fruit which refresh me much more than water. I drink a loooot of water though and a cup of wheat coffee each day.

Medicines? I don’t have any but one day I had such a terrible headache that I had to take something for it.

Bump? I’m not going to talk a lot about this but I’ll show you three pictures from three last months instead and you can see it yourself. My cousin said: “I look like that when I eat a lot”

And yes, I definitely realize than I’m in my underwear in the pictures and so on and – honestly – I posted here pics in my bikini where you could see much more of my body so I don’t have any problems with posting pictures you can see below. 


Stretchmarks? No changes.

Sleeping? I bought a very comfortable pillow you can see HERE. I like sleeping on it and it helps with not moving on my back which I cared the most about.

Mood swings? I think I don’t have any…

The best moment of the week? I had a good week in general 🙂

Other symptoms? No changes – the same ligament pain. Nothing new happened.

Anything worth writing down? I don’t think so.

Talk to you next time!