#8 Breakfast with Aga – a delicious chocolate cake! | 16 weeks pregnant and the sex of the baby…

In the last week…

…Gosia and Jagoda, who now are in Atlanta, visited me (by the way, if you try to say Jagoda, try with Y at the beginning because this is the sound you should get instead of J – Yagoda). And it was soooo cool to talk to a living human and to meet someone new, you have no idea. I already said thank you but one more time in public – thanks for your company! :))) But… Imagine that me and Gosia met in 2008 at a camp in Spain but we weren’t in touch during the whole time at all and now she recognized me in pictures and we started to talk a little. Cool story!

…I baked such a good chocolate cake! I’m on the 9th cloud.


To watch

Ger Hard – some millionaire is sentenced to imprisonment because of money frauds which scares him a lot and he’s sure he won’t handle it so he asked a car wash employee, who he knew already, to help him preparing for all kinds of experiences he’ll have in a prison. Starring Kevin Hart and Will Farrell.

This is one of the comedies that made me not only smile but actually laugh out loud and I really like it! This isn’t for everyone but if you’re in a “I need to turn off my brain” kind of mood then I highly recommend 🙂 I’m posting a trailer below.


Song of the week

Simply because I like the music, voice, video, lyrics… 🙂


On the Internet

I’ll show you some pictures I liked.

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16 weeks pregnant


Baby: around 12cm long (4.72in). Sebaceous glands are starting to appear on his/her skin; the face, arms and legs are already formed and the baby hears more – not only a mother’s heartbeat but also noises from outside like conversations or songs. From now on it’s possible for a mother to feel baby’s moves, however, it’s if her first pregnancy then she’ll probably have to wait at least 2 more weeks.

How I feel? The same like last week, I think. Not much happened this time.

Weight? Around 0,6kg (1.3 lb) more than last week. My doctor told me that now I should start gaining around 0,5kg (1 lb) per week. In general I should gain around 12kg (26 lbs) during my whole pregnancy.

Food? I was really in a mood for chocolate lately. I don’t eat chocolate often at all and this craving comes from time to time, rarely, and this time I ate the whole dark chocolate bar which normally I wouldn’t eat. This time it tasted very good. Moreover, stronger tastes stopped bothering me that much but there are still some smells it’s hard for me to stand. But it’s impossible to explain so I won’t try to describe them.

Medicines? Nothing.

Belly? Not much changed but when I wear pants I need to have some bigger sweatpants or maternity jeans because those things are very comfortable and all of my pants are too tight. I don’t know if I mentioned that but I’ve been taking pictures of myself from the same perspective every single day from almost the beginning of the pregnancy so that later I’ll see how my belly grew.

Stretch marks? No changes.

Sleeping? It’s very uncomfortable for me to lay on my back and I don’t even have a big belly yet! I’m looking for a pregnancy pillow but for now I “use” Nathan 🙂

Mood swings? I’ve been kind of anxious lately… Ready to defend myself but I don’t even know from who/what. It’s a weird feeling to be so stressed and not to be aware of what it is exactly.

The best moment of the week? Hmm. Me listening to the baby’s heartbeat again, I think. Also, girls visiting me. And the fact that I realized that I FINALLY found a nail polish that stays on my nails perfectly with no chipping for 7 days (and I do the dishes and so on) and I’m curious for how long it’d stay if I didn’t remove it only because I wanted to change the color.

Other symptoms? I told you a week ago about this jobbing ligament pain. I still have it and it’s stronger than before, especially when I get up, sit down or change my position on the bed. My doctor told me it’s normal. But it bothers me already. And I have hiccups all the time!!!!

Anything else worth writing down? If you read it after 18:30 Polish time (12:30 EST) then I’m after my 3D scan and I know if I’m going to have a girl or a boy… If the baby was in a right position 😉 But please, don’t ask, I’ll surely tell you by myself. I could find out 2 weeks and I don’t really know why I waited but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Talk to you next time!