#7 Breakfast with Aga – a trip to Orlando. | 15 weeks pregnant and small clothes…

In the last week…

…I missed a post on Thursday. I started to write it several times but nothing felt right to me, I would just remove everything and I decided to leave it instead of forcing it. But I’m here today!

…there was a Nathan’s family getting together on Florida, I told you about this a while ago. I told him that I didn’t really want to spend so much time in the car because I know that I’d feel very bad and I don’t want to take this risk and I also don’t know how I’d feel during this 4-days trip. Nate said that in this case he wouldn’t go either since I’d feel not too good and so on. Since Alicia wanted to visit there, Margie took her so she could spend some time with these people she sees rarely and we stayed home.

…I thought that Nate’s been helping me so much for so long that now I wanted to do something for him. I mean, this isn’t the only reason but one of them. I decided to prepare a romantic dinner! You know, candles, water in wine glasses instead of wine, me wearing something different than sweatpants 😉 I’m not a master chef but I need to tell you that I’m really happy with what I cooked cause it was delicious and looked great. He liked everything very much too so everything went the way it should!

…it rains every single day. It’s not a big rain, more like a drizzle but from the morning to the evening! So when I get up, it’s gloomy and even though I’m at home, it’s different than when the sun was shining the whole day. Well, it’s October. By the way, it’s only October 5 and some of the houses already have Halloween decorations. OK, on one hand it’s “only” less than a month but on the other hand I think the whole atmosphere goes away when you see all those things for so much time. Moreover, there are some Christmas decorations in some stores! This is too much. But what you can do, all the holidays have been very commercial for a long time and I don’t think it’ll ever change.

…I was looking for some yoga classes in the area because I thought I need to go back to be more active and yoga is something that will help with my back and me feeling well too. I’m not going back to pole class for now because I’m too dizzy and I prefer not to risk because it could end badly. I’m gonna wait a while with this but yoga and stretching is something I’d like to do. Soon!

To watch

Pic of my cat that I received from my sister! 😀



Song of the week

This time something different but still something I really like! To dance and to watch a colorful and positive video clip. I love listening to this kind of songs while driving (and not only then) and I have a big sentiment to Redfoo!


On the Internet

My friend posted on my Facebook something I really liked because it shows my experience. Here it is:

“The difference between people who achieve their dreams and the rest of the world isn’t about the wallet. It’s that some read about distant lands and dream about adventures and the others look up from their books one day, get up and go to meet their dreams.”



15 weeks pregnant

Baby: a size of a pear. It weights around 70g (2.47oz) and is around 10cm (3.94in) long. He/She is able to rub eyes, yawn and blink. The baby also can grab a cord, has hiccups and hears a lot of noises.

How I feel? I have the impression that I keep getting better and better but there’s still some time left before I say “good” or even “fine”. In general, I have more energy but everything makes me very tired, I feel weak and I sometimes still get dizzy but not as bad as before.

Weight? Still the same! It started to make me wonder.

Food? You can’t even imagine how big my appetite is… I always ate a lot but now I can say with full awareness that I’m hungry all the time. I always have to have some snacks – mostly fruit, crackers, pretzel sticks – because if I let my stomach be completely empty, I feel horrible.

Medicines? I don’t take anything now.

Belly? I keep looking every day 😉 Lately I noticed that my normal clothes are too tight for me now – mostly pants and jeans but some tops too. I realized that if I wanted to go anywhere and wanted to wear jeans, I wouldn’t have any that fit. On the other hand, most of the maternity clothes are too big. At the beginning I wanted to give up and be naked but then I talked to Nathan and the effect was shopping. We bought some maternity clothes and I can wear some of them even now and I feel… cool. I’m starting to be more aware of this whole pregnancy thing.

Stretchmarks? Nope.

Sleeping? Nothing special.

Mood swings? I think it’s normal but you need to ask Nathan and Alicia 😉

The best moment of the week? Our dinner, for sure!

Other symptoms? A mild pain, kind of a needle jabbing on the right side of my belly close to my hip bone. At the beginning I had no idea what it could be but then I did some research and I found out it’s a round ligament pain that is stretching because my uterus is stretching. I also read that pains like that usually appear at the beginning of second trimester so everything goes the way it “should”. And I have hiccups often which is annoying. I sometimes have this impression that I’d be a good display unit since I have almost all the possible symptoms.

Anything else worth writing down? I don’t have anything now.

I think that’s all for today!

Talk to you next time,