Let’s refute some stereotypes about Americans!

Hey guys, I’m really sorry that I’m late with English translations so often but I’m just really feeling bad and so it takes me more time. Also, this post is about stereotypes about Americans that are popular in Poland. If you’re an American citizen, I hope you won’t feel resentful. The purpose of this post is to show Polish people that not everything is the way they think it is. I’ll change this post a little bit since I don’t think it makes sense to say what I think about these things – you know how things look if you live in the US – so instead I’m going to write more about why people think that way and how it looks in Poland 🙂 

Stereotypes are integral part of life and they’re everywhere around. Some of them are unfair, some funny, other ones incomprehensible… Only a few examples I just thought about are that, for example, Polish people drink vodka all the time, blond girls are stupid and each Muslim person rapes and kills. I thought I’d collect only several stereotypes about American people which I found on the Internet within a long period of time so that my post won’t be too long. If there’s anything you want to add or comment, feel free to do so! 🙂

Americans are stupid and they don’t know anything about different places in the world.

This opinion is based on some of the videos on YouTube. Polish people ask American people questions about Poland and then they choose bad answers only and so their video is more popular, more interesting and then people think that nobody knows anything. It’s pretty lame but well, this is how manipulation works. I don’t understand how people can put everyone to the same box after seeing only over a dozen people. Where’s the rest? Where are people I know, for example? I’m not surprised that some Americans don’t know where Poland is exactly. What surprises me is that disgust from Poles when they hear that because then you ask the same Polish people where’s Guatemala and see what they’ll say… One of my friends got really resentful when her new friend from the States wasn’t sure what city is the capital of Poland. But then I asked her what’s the capital of the USA and she said New York City 😉

Each American person is a patriot and each one has a flag in front of the house.

Well, this comes mostly from media and movies, I think. People see all those flags everywhere, parades, etc. At the same time I think that here in the States there’s many more people loving their country than in Poland.

Each person has a gun and it’s very dangerous on the streets.

And again – media! There’s so many news about the USA in Polish tv and I think it’s ridiculous. And most of them are negative. What’s worst is that a lot of those things are pretty much fake or exaggerated but this is the same thing again – manipulation. And dangerous places are everywhere, it doesn’t matter where you are. In Warsaw, my home city, there’s one district where I wouldn’t go at night because I’d be too afraid. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be alone at night anywhere else. The same here. You know what my grandmother told me before I left? She said: “be careful because you might get shot the first time you go for a walk.” That’s sad.

By the way, town I live in and two more in the area are on top of the safest places in Georgia!

American people pay using coupons only.

You won’t be surprised now but again – tv shows! I’m sure you know those shows where people pay with coupons and they have huge discounts. And coupons here are very common, I always safe some money on everything, there are ALWAYS discounts everywhere and when you have seasonal sales, they’re really big and it’s worth to go and buy stuff. It’s not like that in Poland. Of course there are coupons as well but much, much less and sales are pretty bad too. So this difference, I think, is the reason why this stereotype is so popular.

They don’t play any sports, they eat fast foods only, they’re obese and lazy.

The fact is that here in the US there’s more fast food places than in Poland and food is more processed as well. And I do see more bigger people here than in any place in Europe I visited, sorry but it’s true. But the obvious thing for me is that not all of the people here eat junk food laying on the couch and watching tv. There are tuns of people eating healthy food and work out. I always see a lot of people jogging, walking, playing basketball every time I go to the park. There’s so many gyms and dancing schools everywhere too. I don’t know what people mean by “lazy” though. I’d have to ask them personally to explain that to me.

It’s not that I try to defend this country and its citizens as hard as I can. It’s more that I really don’t like and I fight with people’s ignorance. Because in my opinion spreading stereotypes is ignorance. And I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t here and I didn’t know what things look like in real life – then I probably wouldn’t get involved. At the same time I’d like to highlight that I don’t think there’s ANYTHING bad in not knowing things and I don’t think that each Polish person has to know what’s the capital of the USA and vice versa. If they know – cool, they don’t – cool as well. The only thing that bothers me is manipulation and spreading stereotypes further and further but I’m aware of the fact that it won’t change and definitely not after my post 😉

Talk to you next time!