#5 Breakfast with Aga – shopping, The Words and some more | 13 weeks pregnant and the baby’s heartbeat!

Last week…
…I’ve been in a better mood which is really cool because I missed laughs, jokes, etc. I hope that it’ll last longer than a few days. Since I’ve been feeling a little better, I decided to shop online and I bought some clothes and cosmetics. I won’t talk about clothes in here but I’ll surely write a post about cosmetics one day. I need to tell you that I’m not one of the girls who make themselves feel better by shopping, fortunately. By the way, I need to sell some of my things because I don’t wear half of them…

Yesterday Alicia was at her mother’s house who went to England for 2-3 weeks. Me and Nathan went to one of our favorite places and I ate a huge burrito I was craving for. After that we sat on a bench in a park and I was a little surprised how warm it still is but then I remembered, hey, it’s Georgia ;). It’s still green everywhere but some of the trees already started change their colors. Fall is beautiful here.

How are you guys doing? How’s the weather?

I sometimes look through my older posts, I don’t know why but it happens. I’m going to give you a few posts which are – in my opinion – interesting and it’s worth to go back to them or read them for the first time if you haven’t seen them yet.

I am shy!

Why do kids lose their trust in parents?

My dream world.

To watch
The Words – this movie is about a man who dreams about being a writer but all of his books are rejected by publishing houses. He’s about to break down but then he decides to steal someone else’s book that he found accidentally…

I don’t want to tell you anything else because if you’re interested, you’ll find out yourself. I’ll just tell you that I really liked this movie and I can’t explain why but it comes back to my mind from time to time. A lot of people say it’s “banal” but, you know – everyone has their own opinions.


Song of the week
This song is… beautiful. Melody, video, lyrics – genius! Earth Song isn’t my favorite song of Michael but it’s definitely in the top. And the question from the song “what have we done to the world?” was, is and will be current forever. I think that it’s worth to think about this because if you look at this wider it’s not only about wild animals, cut forests and things like that but also people. About their relationships, our own lives… And there’s also another question in this song: “what about us?”


On the Internet
I sometimes read different websites for women, the less serious ones too. A few days ago I saw that article and I don’t remember the name of it but it was about giving some advice to ladies about what to do to be a “sex-bomb”. One of them was not to cry and not to be sad. Yep, for real, great advice, I would never think of it! I recommend everyone to follow it because if you cry, your chances drop lower than zero and so you’ll never have a boyfriend…

(Yes, this is irony.)


13 weeks pregnant

Baby in the 13th week: a size of a kiwi. The baby can open and clench his/her fist and putting a thumb in a mouth is just a matter of a short time. Longs are practicing to breath using amniotic fluid only.

How do I feel? I don’t know. I don’t know what’s normal anymore, that’s not, what I always had, what shouldn’t be here. It’s been too long and I think I stopped to be aware of what’s happening.

Weight? No changes, 3.3lbs more than when I was 5-6 weeks but it’s still around 7 pounds less than before I got pregnant.

Food? No changes. From the second trimester women should eat around 300kcal more (if their weight is normal because it changes when a woman is under or overweight) and I don’t know how to do it but on the other hand it’s not that much.

Medicine? I stopped taking my pills for nausea to see how I feel without them. I still feel sick but it’s not terrible. My doctor told me that if my dizziness is so burdensome, I can seek help in other pills which are almost identical with Dramamine. I really don’t like taking so much medicine so I don’t use it too often but sometimes everything is spinning like crazy and when I’m home alone, what else can I do? 🙁 By the way, do you have any advice for that? Is there anything that may help? I’m really careful, I don’t get up too fast, I don’t make any sudden moves, I sit outside every day for a while to breath some fresh air… And it happens anytime – I sometimes lay on my bed trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden I feel like on a roller-coaster. All of my blood works are “better than average”, blood pressure is good as well. So what, I have to just wait?

Belly? Still the same which means that lower part of my belly is a little bit rounded and nothing else is happening. The doctor said that since I’m really tall – my body is long – the baby has a lot of room to grow inside of me. So I need to wait.

Stretchmarks? Nope. I keep using that new oil I told you about. Just in case!

Sleeping? I feel that I won’t sleep on my back for long because I don’t feel comfortable anymore and I feel some kind of pressure inside. And I’ll tell you something, a little “did you know…” When a woman is pregnant, especially from the second trimester, it’s recommended to sleep on the left side because then an amount of blood and nutrients delivered to the baby is higher. Sleeping on the back isn’t recommended because it can cause, for example, back pains, breathing troubles or drop in circulation to the baby and all of that is caused by a pressure put on intestines, etc. Even if the belly isn’t big, like in my case. And it seems like this is a reason why I feel that pressure I mentioned.

Mood swings? I don’t know, I think it’s fine 🙂

The best moment of the week? When I heard the heartbeat! It’s so incredible that this little guy a kiwi size has such a perfect heartbeat and moves so much that I could hear that too. They told me that the baby was very active that time. It’s so amazing!! Really. And I felt a relief that everything is so well. On the other hand I feel that it’s still not completely in me that I’m really pregnant, you know? Because I don’t feel this baby, I don’t have a belly but at the same time I know he/she’s there moving, having hiccups, eating, moving arms… Nate recorded a short video to remember so it’s cool too.

Other symptoms? Listen, I had to buy two sizes bigger bras! I don’t complain 😉 And I have a terrible headache which bothers me a little.

Anything else worth writing down? On Friday Nathan stopped by Starbucks and bought my favorite coffee for me. I felt like on a 9th cloud while drinking after over two months when I felt sick after just smelling coffee. Yummy!!! It was the best decision in the week haha

Talk to you next time!