#3 Breakfast with Aga – things from the past week. | 10 weeks pregnant


I realize that English versions of my posts are available on my blog a little bit later than Polish ones, I’m sorry about that!

In the past week…

…not much happened. I made some good, vegan crepes with spinach and I’m very happy that they turned out well because I was a little afraid that something would go wrong. But how tired I was making them! And today Nate went to get some groceries and besides things from the list he also bought some sauerkraut and mushroom to make some pierogies :))) You remember when I talked about them, right? Yeah, so I hope he’ll help me one day because I don’t think I’ll make it myself.

Today I made some oatmeal in the morning and I accidentaly dropped the bowl so that half of it fell on the floor and, to be honest, I have no idea how I did it. It just fell from my hands just like that… And this happens to me often now.

Song of the week!

You know what I’ve been doing lately? I’ve been collecting songs that I’m going to put on a CD to listen in my car. And yes, I’m planning on going back to driving when I can! And besides the songs I listen to now, I decided to find those that I liked when I was a kid. I went back to 2000-2003 and I’m posting one of my favorite ones from that time. The best thing is that now I like it even more than before because when I was 10, I didn’t understand anything in English at all.. Now I do!


On the Internet.

I made an important decision a few days ago regarding a Fanclub of one of the Polish actors which wasn’t received very well by some people and I’m not like very surprised about that. The worst thing in this situation is that I can’t really do much even though charges of many toward me are unfounded, I can’t do much about them so I just take everything. But you know what? This was the best decision I could make and I don’t regret it. From now on the Fanklub will be taken care of by a person I’ve known for several years now because I’m not going to go back. It’s obvious… Too far, the time difference, too many things on my mind, my long absence, etc. I just hope things won’t go bad.

What else on the Internet… I’ll show you some pictures I saw and they got me interested 🙂



“If she loves, she’ll scratch!”



“They think that we’re going to a vet and I only

wanted to play with them at a park!”




“What’s the best way to store veggies and fruits?”

Things on the left side go to your fridge and the right side

is stored in a room temperature.




The end of my 10th week.

Baby in 10th week: a size of a fig! It’s moving inside the womb but its mother can’t feel anything yet, of course. It’s the end of a hard time in prenatal development. The baby in this week can start swallowing an amniotic fluid!

How do I feel?  This week was definitely the worst so far. It was just… terrible, for real. I’ve never been so dizzy before. From what my doctor said, now it should start improving. It doesn’t seem like it now but we’ll see.

Weight? The same as last week so I didn’t gain any more.

Food? It’s not horrible with eating. The only problem is that it’s still difficult for me to cook so I have this impression that I don’t give myself enough food and all those snacks aren’t especially healthy and I don’t like it either.

Medicines? I stopped taking the progesterone so now I have my pills for nausea only. I sometimes take one more in the very morning because even though I take two at night, it sometimes still not enough.

Belly? No changes.

Stretchmarks? Nothing so far.

Sleeping? It happens often that I go to bed being very sleepy and I fall asleep after an hour or two… It’s very tiring. And I still have those odd dreams.

Moods? I need to say that I have situations when I, for example, spill milk and I start to cry. Or I get upset with Nathan and I don’t really know why… It’s all because that frustration, the way I feel physically and the feeling that I’m stuck.

The best moment this week? I don’t have any.

Other symptoms? Same as before, no changes. On one hand I know that these small cramps are normal but on the other one they’re sometimes a little stronger that I’d like them to be and I started to worry a little bit. My next doctor appointment is next Monday.

Anything else worth writing down? Nope… Boring today, isn’t it? Or maybe, you know what, I’ll tell you something. People often have a lot of prejudices about a lot of different things. If it comes to pregnant women and the way others see them, I can’t tell much because even if I went out somewhere then nobody would know anything because I’m not showing yet. However, I had a chance to notice two main ways of thinking on the Internet… Please remember that I do NOT think that all the people have the same attitudes, I’m talking in general this time.

The first one is that when a woman is pregnant and then she has a baby, she has to be incredibly happy all the time, she should have a lot of energy and to not complain about anything because she’s not allowed to, she wanted this baby so if she complains, if she dares to say she’s had enough of everything, she’ll probably be judged by others – how dare she, unworthy!

The second way – when a woman is pregnant, she should forget about herself, her needs, entertainment, meeting with friends, travels, concerts and everything else. Besides, she should focus mostly on her baby and sacrifice herself completely, and focus on the rest of her family too, she should calm down, sit at home, do nothing, nothing silly because it’s “not proper”. And about this way, yesterday I received this comment: “Maybe it’s time to take care of your family for real, especially because you’re expecting?” When I responded in the same tone that well, maybe it’s time to take care of your life instead of interfere in others’ (and I really didn’t feel like pretending being nice in this case), in another response I read: “But I don’t have a husband and I’m not pregnant :)” Well, sorry but I won’t live like in a prison only because I have a family and I’m pregnant and if anyone expects that from me then they’ll be disappointed 🙂

By the way, in case any of you think that I shouldn’t publish comments on my blog like that, I’d like to tell you that all of them are public and everyone can see them so copying them isn’t any crime or anything like that. You can be sure that I never post any private messages.

Talk to you next time,