#2 Breakfast with Aga and a big disappointment. | 9 weeks pregnant

Hey there! What’s up?


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In the past week…

…Nate took me to Lawrenceville to a Polish Pierogi Festival. I didn’t go there last year and I was curious how everything looks so I asked him to go with me. Also, I was so in a mood for pierogi with sauerkraut and mushroom that I decided to forget for a moment about the fact that people use eggs to make dough and I don’t eat eggs. But pierogi were in my mind for a long time so I wanted to eat them even then. So it took an hour to get there. There was sooooo many people! And, to be honest, however it sounds, I don’t remember the last time I was around so many white, blond and tall people! Of course people there were not only Poles. I wanted to take some pictures but we both left our phones in the car so I’ll try to explain… Imagine, there was a stage outside where people were singing Polish songs and were dancing wearing folk costumes. There was a lot of people around sitting under tents and in the middle there was a platform to dance where you could see mostly kids. If someone wanted to buy food (three kinds of pierogi, sausage, golabki) they had to wait around half an hour in a line for special tickets so that they wouldn’t waste time for cash transactions by the tables with food. One ticket cost $1. When we got 40 tickets, we went around and then inside the church because everything was organized by church of course, where we saw loooong lines… It was difficult to find the beginning and the end so we were just looking around for a while. Everything was decorated in white and red colors; there were red tablecloths, some red and white ornamentation hanging from the ceiling made from paper; there were some tables with folk gadgets, one table from a Polish store and another one from a Polish bakery and in these two people had to use cash. When we finally found a right line, it was obviously pretty long… We waited for an hour! Unfortunately, I almost fainted at one point and Nate told me that he never saw me so white on my face before so he walked me to a chair and later he waited by himself. When it was his turn he asked for 40 pierogi with sauerkraut and mushroom and he repeated that a few times, and then we found out that they were short on food so people had to wait for when they cook more. We got a box with 6 and we ate them right then and we had to wait another hour for the rest, then we found out they totally forgot about us. We took the rest, went out, went to the car. In general I think that this event is cool for people who miss Poland and so on, it’s cool for them to listen to those songs and meet some new Poles. Me? Not really and, honestly, I went there for food only. I didn’t feel any sentiment or anything like that.

Today I felt very disappointed and so I even cried, really. I wanted to fry several pierogi and so I took them, everything went perfectly fine and then I bite one and I realized there’s meat in it. So gross! We checked the rest and unfortunately all of them were with meat. And so we spent an hour in the car to get there, then waited around 2 hours for food and spent 40 dollars just to buy 40 pierogi with sauerkraut and to soon learn that we got only 6 of those and the rest with meat which nobody here will eat so we lost $34. And I was so in a mood for them!!! I know that I won’t go there anymore.

A song of the week!

Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite songs of The Baseballs which i fell in love with from the first time I heard it. Actually the first time was at a concert (yes, I went to their concert not knowing their songs and I don’t regret!) so it’s obvious that it sounds better live. The energy from them, dance, contact with people… I really hope I’ll be able to go to their concert one day! For now what’s left are video clips which are great too so check it out 🙂

On the Internet.

Three things today!

One more video on Facebook. This time a monkey and two dogs. Click HERE to watch. żeby obejrzeć. I found it funny so I hope you’ll like it too.

I watched some video on YouTube and then I read comments. Someone said that Kim Kardashian usually has a natural make-up, a few others said something on top of that. I laughed because of the difference in the way I see Kim so I said, it was kinda like a joke, that in my opinion Kim’s face looks like a wax person. I highlighted that it was only my opinion and in response I read that I’m “stupid”. What’s the conclusion? If you have a different opinion than others, you’re stupid 🙂

The third thing is a pic from a video called “Peanut Butter Baby” which made me laugh a lot!



The end of 9th week!

A baby in 9th week: as big as one grape. Liver, kidneys, brain and lungs are starting to work (heart has been working from a 5th week). Head is as big as the rest of the body. Eyes are fully developed but still closed.

How I feel? Will you be surprised if I say there’s no changes? Zero energy for anything. The fact that I almost fainted yesterday is one of the proofs that not much has changed.

Weight? I gained around 2lbs! Not much but it’s something so I’m happy.

Food? I don’t know if that pierogi thing was my pregnancy craving or not 😉 You decide. I’m in a mood for fresh and juicy things like, for example, fruit sorbets or blueberries. I still don’t want any chocolate. I can’t eat bananas because I throw them up right away… They say that banana is one of the recommended things that are supposed to relieve nausea. Unfortunately it works the opposite way in my case, too bad.

Medications? Still the same and there’s still some time left.

Belly? Recently Nate told me that he sees a difference. A small one, but still. Cool! I’d like more but everything will come in time.

Stretchmarks? Nope. But I got upset because I got some allergic reactions for that coconut oil and I have a rash! It doesn’t itch or anything but I don’t like it and I don’t like bothering my body with something it doesn’t like. I changed it and I started to use jojoba oil for now, still researching what else could work.

Sleep? Fiiiine but I still have odd dreams! I wake up at least twice at night to go to bathroom and I didn’t have that earlier at all.

Moods? It’s hard to say because I don’t know what’s for real and what’s the effect of my hormones 😛 Today I cried a lot but on the other hand I think I had reasons. So, okay, let’s say I don’t have mood swings but I’m not happy now either.

The best moment this week? The whole day only with Nathan 🙂

Other symptoms? Still the same – cramps in my belly. Oh, not only that, I almost forgot! Skin on my face got worse – mostly on my forehead and on a left cheek. I really don’t like it because, as some of you already know, I have really bad experiences with skin problems. Other than that, my nails grow very fast and my hair gets more oily.

Anything else worth writing down? No.


I like writing these posts because I can say everything I can and nothing has to match!

How are you guys doing?


Talk to you next time!