#1 Breakfast with Aga. | 7 & 8 weeks pregnant

Welcome to my first post in this series! I was wondering how to put everything together so it’ll make sense but I eventually just opened Word and started to type without unnecessary thinking and I’m saying what’s on my mind. I suppose that these mini-categories will keep changing together with what’s happening with me so don’t get attached to them too much, just in case they change.

My blog.

I have settings set to moderate all the comments that readers leave. It’s mostly because I don’t want any unexpected robot-spam and it’ll be easier for me to be up to date with everything, but I can tell you that the only comments I won’t accept will be the ones in which someone insults me or my readers using curses and so on – other than that, I’ll accept all of them.  Even the negative ones 😉

In the past week…

…I was laughing hard watching Miodowe Lata (a Polish version of The Honeymooners). I’m telling you, on one hand I remember everything and on the other I haven’t seen it for so long that it’s really cool to see it again. I’m glad that all the episodes are on YouTube. I remember that every year in my elementary school they organized concerts for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and one time they invited two actors from this sitcom. Me and my sister have pictures with them and we got autographs which was pretty cool back then when we were kids and this tv show was so popular!

Song of the week!

Oh, this one will be interesting. I remember that some time ago I got comments that it’d be cool if I shared what I listen to at the moment. Here you go! This changes day by day and depends on my mood, what I find or what I remember. In the past few days I went back to the history, same as with Miodowe Lata. My sister sent one song to me of a band called Ich Troje because a long time ago we both liked them. So I started to listen and… man, I still remember lyrics after so many years and I still like those songs! Below I’m adding one of the better ones. When I was listening to them, I had tears in my eyes… I don’t know why – memories?

To watch.

Battlestar Galactica! But the new version from 2004. This is the best tv series I’ve seen in my whole life! Yesterday we watched the last episode and I felt this weird emptiness that… damn, what’s next? Nathan wanted to show me this for a long time but I was fighting it because I never liked sci-fi and this is sci-fi. Eventually, I agreed just for my sake so he’d stop begging me and I don’t regret. An overview of the history out there is that people created robots called Cylons which soon started to evolve and they became smarter, then they left to outer space (where the most of the show happens) to come back after 40 years with a new look and with… a war against humanity. The main people’s goal was to find Earth, a new place to live after they lost their old one. I was a little afraid that the only thing I’d see there would be shooting and although there was a lot of battles, there was also a lot of normal human stories, secrets, plenty of unexpected twists and turns, etc. It happened to me that my jaw dropped on the floor and I asked how they could do something like that, and I cried as well. I heartily recommend if you look for something new to watch. Even for those who already think they wouldn’t like it – I thought the same 😉

Do you maybe have anything to recommend?

My obsession.

Chocolate Cheerios! I’m telling you, I can eat them all the time.

On the Internet.

My friend Ashlee shared a video on my timeline on Facebook which made me laugh a lot. I suppose it won’t work like that for all of you but check it out anyway 🙂 I logged out of my account to see it it’s public and it worked so it should work for you perfectly as well. Click HERE.





7 & 8 week pregnant


How do I feel? No changes. I still sleep a lot at night and during the day. Still feel that I need to rest all the time and I’m panting while walking to my bedroom upstairs, and it didn’t happen before. During the last week I had two days when I had a very strong headache. Also, I’m often dizzy and it’s caused by, for example, increased blood flow in my body. I still can’t drive because of all that.

Weight? Before my pregnancy I managed to gain 3.3lbs and I weighed 144lbs. Later I lost some and now I weigh only 132lbs. I haven’t gained anything yet.

Food? I don’t have any cravings but there’s still a lot of things that I can’t eat and those that I can’t even smell. I know that it’ll go away but it bothers me already because it happens to me to be in a mood for something but after I get it I find it somehow gross and I can’t touch it. I count on Nathan if it comes to cooking. I’m completely not in a mood for sweets but now I can drink plain water!

Medicines? My doctor told me that I don’t have to take folic acid anymore so I stopped. I don’t think I mentioned that but I had to supplement progesterone because my body didn’t make enough but I was right below the line so it was nothing serious. I still have to take it but it won’t last long anymore. Also, I still have my pills thanks to which I’m not nauseous and this some kind of my redemption because otherwise I would be like a skeleton by now.

Bump? Nope, not yet, although I can’t wait to have it bigger. It slightly rounded on the bottom but nobody will see it besides me, except my masseuse who touched me a little and said there is something happening for sure.

Stretchmarks? No. In the end, nothing got bigger yet. But yes, I already moisturize my skin twice a day and if anybody is interested, I’m telling you that I use a plain coconut oil. I don’t want to use any specialty creams that have a lot of chemicals in them and since I like the smell of coconut, this product seems to be ideal.

Sleeping? Like I said already, I sleep a lot. I hope that this famous insomnia won’t come to me because I don’t think I’ll live through it. Another thing that changed is that I have very weird dreams! Normally I had dreams very rarely but now I dream something literally every day and they’re so weird that I sometimes wonder how something like this could be in my dreams…

Moods? I don’t think so. Maybe besides the fact that loud noises bother me and if someone yells or I accidently turn up the volume in my laptop, I become very petulant and I feel like crying.

The best moment of this week? Nothing special happened.

Other symptoms? Small cramps every day, like period ones. Nothing else.

Anything else worth writing down? Nope.

I think that’s all for today… So I’m saying good bye!

Talk to you next time,