Second birthday of my blog and a completely new look!

Welcome in a completely new place! What are your first thoughts? I like it a lot. I think that Marta did a good job with the page and Weronika made logo and I really appreciate it, girls! Btw, I wanted to have my logo with colors of American flags and see, here it is!

Today is my second birthday of my blog so let’s take some champagne and celebrate! I mean, I can’t drink champagne but I’ll drink some water with lemon and it’ll be fine as well. Lately I’ve been repeating but I need to say it again – the time flies very fast. And so many things happened during last 730 days that when I think about it, I’m like… man, my life changed completely in all the ways which is pretty unbelievable and surprising. You know, from my post about my struggles with driver’s license back in Warsaw, through my au pair application, later my travels and daily life and to my wedding and making our family bigger… This is something.

It’s my great pleasure that I have someone to share those things with and that you like reading my stuff which I like writing a lot 🙂

You’re wondering, I guess, why I wanted to change so much. I thought that since I’m not an au pair anymore and, willy-nilly, subjects of my blog keeps changing with the time, I should have something more neutral, readable, more mine and, at the same time, keeping everything I’ve had so far. And it worked!

Let me say what you’ll find here now… I know that all of you will figure it out by yourselves but I simply like writing 🙂 First of all, I’ve been adding posts in two language versions for a while now and so now everything is also in English. On the right side below the banner you can see flags to choose from. By the way, in the banner there are five last posts from a category every day which you can change or they’ll change by themselves – cool, huh? By clicking here you can read a short history of my blog together with my explanation about how I see me being here, why I moved and so on. All the posts about children and relationships between people are in the tab Seriously. Posts’ categories are in Lifestyle and Aga but in the second one there are only two – breakfast with Aga and talks. And now there’s a question – what is breakfast with Aga? Some time ago I thought that I have more to say that one post weekly only. Sometimes I’d like to recommend a movie, another time just to talk about what I read lately and now there’s also my pregnancy and I want to write about it as well. So I thought I’d put it all together and I’ll add two posts regularly in a week – on Mondays and Thursdays. And those on Mondays will be in breakfast with Aga. I hope that you’ll like them! The rest of my posts won’t change their formula because it’s good the way it is. Well, right now everything is a mess because it’s Wednesday so it’s between Monday and Thursday… We’ll figure it out! The rest – about me, to-do list and travels stays with no changes.

What with my old blog? I don’t want to remove it – at least not now – because I spent a lot of time on it. As you already could see, I added a short note with the information that I moved here. And from now on all my new posts will be here – there’ll be nothing new out there anymore. All the old stuff and comments from aga-usa are already moved here, fortunately.

Ahh, I don’t know if I wanted to say anything else… In general, I’m excited!

What do you all think? 🙂

Talk to you next time!